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At the end of the year, it was the peak of house collection, and many owners began to be busy. Because they heard that the price of the decoration industry next year was likely to rise, some began to consult about the decoration immediately after the completion of house collection, and some planned to fix the decoration at the end of the year and start directly after the year. Ms. Li is the same. Recently, she left a message for consultation through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, saying that what is the latest decoration quotation for her 90 square meter house in the beautiful city of colleges? To this end, Xiaobian specially found a quotation similar to the size of Ms. Li's house for reference. Let's go and have a look

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the University of Lijiang is located close to Jianghan University, which is a rare North American style school district residence in Hanyang at present. In addition, the community has convenient transportation and is only about 3 kilometers away from the sanjiaohu station of Metro Line 3, making it convenient to travel

[90 square meter house type map of Xuefu Licheng a]

house type structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

decoration style: American style

decoration method: half package

[the latest decoration quotation of Xuefu Licheng a house type of 90 square meters]

analysis of the decoration quotation of Xuefu Licheng a house type of 90 square meters:

before analyzing this quotation, the editor will first take you to see the latest quotation in Wuhan. Taking the grade division of decoration companies as an example, the average price of half package of economic companies is 300-450 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 600 yuan/㎡; The average price of half package in medium-sized companies: 400-600 yuan/㎡, and the total package is more than 800 yuan/㎡; Average price of half package of brand decoration company: 500-1200 yuan/㎡; All inclusive: more than 1200 yuan/㎡. From this analysis, it can be seen that the owner of the beautiful city of the University chose the half package decoration of the medium-sized company, because the owner had concerns in the early stage of the decoration, and because he didn't know much about it, he still wanted acquaintances to lead him to buy the main materials and furniture in person, which would also be more relaxed

it can be seen that the cost of hydropower projects and guest restaurants is the highest in the quotation. Needless to say, hydropower projects involve basic projects. If they are not done in place, they will directly affect our normal water and electricity consumption in the future. The owner said that the water pipes and wires must give priority to the use of brand level, and those that should not be saved must not be saved. In addition, hydropower projects also involve routing problems, so the requirements for construction technology are also extremely strict

such a 90 square meter house is divided into three bedrooms, so the area is limited. Considering that the storage problem needs to be well solved, the owner has made large cabinets in each bedroom. The use of plates has high requirements for environmental protection, so the price will be slightly expensive

in addition, the owner chose to seal up the balcony, which greatly improved the utilization rate of the space. And, like the bathroom, the balcony has also made waterproof measures, so the selection of waterproof materials is also a big expense

therefore, I think this is a very cost-effective quotation. Well, I hope the above content can make you have a clearer understanding of the quotation. If you still want to know or you are planning to decorate recently, you can find the decoration company you want through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also leave your residential unit type + area + decoration requirements in the article. Customer service will arrange many decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms, formulate plans and quotations for free. For details, please click

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