People who are striking outside double 11 buy Bric

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People who are striking outside double 11 buy Bricks like this

do you want to spend less money and enjoy VIP tile customization service

Oushennuo double 11 tmall [square meter package]

meet the above three wishes at one time

taking advantage of the double 11,

tmall [square meter package] baby launched by us,

but innovation has subverted the traditional tile sales model,

is more worry-free, more convenient and more affordable

3 big baby highlights, you must know

l ceramic tiles are no longer bought individually, and the overall packaging is more worry free

from 146 yuan/㎡, you can buy Porcelain packages according to the tile paving style of the package effect. The consumption of ceramic tiles in the set meal will be calculated according to the actual paving space. The set meal has included the combination and mosaic collocation of various products

l4 great considerate service, ensuring what you see is what you get

all customers who purchase [square meter package] can also enjoy the four considerate services of osheno

1. A specially assigned person will come to the room to measure the space for you and confirm the amount of ceramic tiles in the set meal

2. The ceramic tile set meal will be designed and adjusted one by one according to your house type to ensure the best effect of the set meal

3. The ceramic tile mosaic cutting and processing involved in the set meal are all free

4. If the tiles are damaged during transportation, they will be replaced free of charge

l3 popular styles, 9 sets of popular spaces are optional

simple style, new Chinese style, simple European style, 3 popular styles and 9 sets of popular ceramic tile space schemes. The professional designer of Oushennuo will provide you with the best matching and design of ceramic tiles. The quality of a new home starts with porcelain

the double 11 Carnival has come to 1000 stores under the Oushennuo line. Many special price ceramic tile items will be missed for another year! What are the store discounts? Look at me ↓





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