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Now many families choose to install wine cabinets when decorating, which can not only store alcohol, but also show the owner's taste of life. Therefore, the purchasing skills of wine cabinets are very important. So what are the dimensions of the wine cabinet on the wall? What brand of wine cabinet is good

1. What are the dimensions of the wine cabinet on the wall? Commercial wine cabinet

1. The large wine rack lattice is about 95 cm high, about 60 cm wide, and about 60 cm deep. Generally, 10 bottles of wine can be placed. There are many sizes of such wine shelves on the market, and the design is mainly square. Most of them are used for liquor merchants, and the price is relatively expensive

2. What are the dimensions of the wine cabinet on the wall - small wine cabinet

small wine shelves have many styles, generally 50 cm high, 43 cm wide, and 45 cm deep. Because there is no unified specification, it is difficult to determine the external size, but the size used to hold wine bottles only needs 50 square centimeters

3. What are the dimensions of the wine cabinet on the wall? The inclined wine rack is about 320mm high, about 500mm wide, and about 350mm deep. The side length of a single lattice (inclined square) is about 11mm, which not only makes the placement of wine bottles more stable, but also adds a lot of sense of lines

what brand of wine cabinet is good:

1. Bosch

Bosch wine cabinet is a brand of Boxi household appliances Co., Ltd. the company has strong strength and exquisite scientific research strength. The company adopts unique constant temperature technology to keep the humidity in the cabinet above 55%, making the taste of red wine better. Bosch wine cabinet is committed to providing consumers with a higher quality of life. Nanchang is constantly working hard

2. Haier

Haier brand was established in 1984, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of white goods. With excellent product quality and exquisite innovative technology, it was rated as China's top 500 enterprises. The products are exported to many countries and regions all over the world

3. Trendy

trendy wine cabinet is a brand product of Shenzhen trendy Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which has been mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of constant temperature wine cabinet for many years. Its wine cabinet is designed based on the principle of semiconductor refrigeration, which has the characteristics of low noise and convenient use. And it can make the whole space more tasteful. Therefore, it has been highly praised by the industry and consumers. It was rated as the most professional electronic wine cabinet manufacturer in China

conclusion: the above is about the size and brand of the wine cabinet on the wall. I hope it can help friends in need. If you need more relevant knowledge in the later stage, please pay attention to the information





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