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In recent years, the door and window building materials market "sitting in the store" and other customers' way of door-to-door shopping is gradually being replaced by the situation of "no promotion, no sales". Promotional activities have become a magic weapon for stores to obtain sales. How to do a promotional activity well

in recent years, the way of "sitting in the store" and other customers' door-to-door shopping in the door and window building materials market is gradually being replaced by the situation of "no promotion, no sales". Promotional activities have become a magic weapon for stores to obtain sales. How to do a promotional activity well? The following Xiaobian takes a door and window franchise store of youzhiya as an example to discuss with you

what are the characteristics of successful promotional activities

after many event planning practices of youzhiya door and window franchise store, it has been proved that successful promotional activities generally have the following characteristics:

1, preemptive

2, eye-catching

3, publicity in place

4, popularity

5, sales volume significantly increased

6, cost controllable

7, complete details

8, ensuring the profits of door and window franchisees

the above eight points should be the basic principles for promotional activities, that is,say, We must follow the above eight principles when planning and holding various shopping malls, markets, stores and other promotional activities to ensure the success of the activities

how to ensure the success of promotional activities

1. Get ahead of others

in fact, no matter what the form of activities, as long as it is the first local brand to hold similar activities, the effect will always be stronger than the second, third and fourth followers. Therefore, it should be a basic principle for us to encourage franchise stores to be the first to do activities and actively provoke competition in the future terminal market operation

2. Attract attention

whether a successful promotional activity can attract the attention of the public is very important. Generally, there are several ways to attract eyeballs:

1. Unlimited, special price sales

during the event, launching special price products whose price is significantly lower than the market price is bound to attract eyeballs. In the specific implementation, unlimited conventional special price sales can be done, such as 20% discount for the whole market in Youzhi yamen window franchise store (except special price products)

2. Ultra low special price, Limited sales

ultra low special price activities can not only do lottery type ultra low special price Limited sales, but also do regular rush purchase, such as specifying a time period for rush purchase during the activity. For example, at 11 a.m. on the day of the event, a number of products were launched with ultra-low special prices and limited sales, such as a set of ultra-low price of youzhiya flat door from 14:00 to 16:00 on a weekend

3. Super value purchase and gift

in order to attract attention, gifts must follow the principle of "famous brand, valuable and rare", and there is a large premium space. For example, "ordering a set of German kitchenware worth 398 yuan for youzhiya sunshine room" is far less effective than "ordering a 12-hour appointment of a microcomputer rice cooker worth 399 yuan for youzhiya sunshine room"

the market price of gifts must have credibility. For example, this gift is sold in local supermarkets, Suning and Gome, and the price of the store is consistent with the price of gifts advertised in the event

4. Price increase purchase gift

price increase purchase gift is very common, such as Watsons' supermarket from Hong Kong, which buys more than 30 yuan plus 5 yuan, and buys more than 50 yuan plus 10 yuan. In the IT industry, you can buy a laptop and get a printer for 99 yuan, etc. If you buy more than 6800 yuan in the franchise store of youzhiya doors and windows, you can buy a flat door set at an ultra-low price

5. Zero purchase

customers will receive raffle tickets against the advertisements in the activity newspaper, and the raffle will be carried out on site at regular intervals. If they win the prize, they will get a commodity to participate in the activity

6. Don't spend money, touch the grand prize

customers hold a single page of the event to queue up for the prize. The grand prize is a designated commodity to participate in the event, and then set the corresponding second, third, and fourth prizes. If you don't win the prize, give a small gift, etc., which can also ensure eye-catching

8. Publicity in place

whether publicity is in place directly determines the success or failure of promotional activities. Therefore, publicity is essential. Generally speaking, the TV preview one week before the event, the newspaper advertisement one or two days before the event, the distribution and coverage of the DM sheet three days before the event, the parade of the event propaganda car, and the terminal interception of the DM sheet distributed on both sides of the road and across the road on the day of the event are all essential links. We can summarize the promotion of promotional activities as an acronym fxbd (f TV flyer x promotional car B newspaper D activity dmsingle page). As long as the fxbd principle is strictly followed, the publicity of the event can be ensured

9. Popularity

popularity is the basic guarantee for the success of a promotion. No matter how good an activity is, if there is no customer participation, the result is zero. Therefore, when formulating the promotion plan, we must have content to ensure popularity. For example, there are gifts when you enter the store, including shopping bags, gloves, ashtrays, etc. the best effect is to add washing powder, gloves and other gifts with high use value to the shopping bags. Free when you come to the store to ensure popularity

it should be noted that a gift to the store can give special care to old customers, give x free services, and then give a gift different from new customers. It can also serve the purpose of infecting new customers with the help of the reputation of old customers

10. Sales volume increased significantly

for successful promotional activities, the sales volume should be significantly increased than usual, otherwise it cannot be called perfect. The dumbest way to increase sales is to launch special offers, because price is always a sharp weapon in competition. But looking at the previous promotional activities, the activities that only rely on price to win are often to lose money and earn cries, which cannot be called perfect. The biggest advantage of this practice is to improve popularity and market share, and the profits are generally not or slightly lost

one of the most ideal promotional activities is to increase sales while making strategic purchases and gifts, with a slight surplus; Another is to launch promotional products with high cost performance and good selling points while ensuring popularity

11. Controllable cost

the cost of a successful promotion must be reasonable, controllable and affordable. Therefore, when helping door and window franchisees hold promotional activities, we must spend money on the blade. Otherwise, the manufacturer will inevitably suffer damage, and from the perspective of door and window franchisees

in the promotional activities, the publicity expenses should be ensured, the gift expenses should be ensured, and other expenses should be simplified, such as balloons, salutes, DM single page printing fees with a large number, newspaper advertising fees of non mainstream media, unnecessary TV picture advertisements, roadshows with artificially high prices and a large number of actors, etc

generally speaking, the company's bearing of publicity expenses is a necessary means to control expenses and ensure the effect. If conditions permit, the manufacturer can send personnel to participate in the negotiation, pricing and implementation of the activity project

12. Complete details

the success of promotional activities is first of all whether the scheme is complete. Details should be taken into account as much as possible in the scheme. The second is whether the implementation is in place. The last is the order and atmosphere of the scene, and the response and handling of emergencies. Therefore, promotional activities must be in place, including procedures, personnel, publicity, gifts, publicity materials, products and training. If these are in place, the activities will be successful

13. Ensure the profits of door and window franchisees

as mentioned above, a promotional activity is almost perfect if it can win profits on the basis of winning popularity and significantly increasing sales. Therefore, when designing the activity plan, we should try our best to consider whether the franchisees of doors and windows can sell more profitable goods, or ensure by selling points, or ensure by strategic buying and giving. If we can reach this level, the door and window franchisees will highly cooperate with the manufacturers to carry out rounds of promotional activities, and the initiative of market competition will be firmly in our hands

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