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Advantech EKI products won the award of "innovative energy-saving products in China's automation field in 2009"

on November 4, 2009, the fifth CIIF · mm · new automation forum held by Renaissance Shanghai officially announced "innovative energy-saving products in China's automation field in 2009". Advantech eki-2725-be and eki-2728-be unmanaged Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switches have won the innovative energy-saving product award

these two products adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving design. Compared with traditional products in the market, they save energy by 10% to 15%. They are new energy-saving green products launched by Advantech. It has a variety of environmental protection features, including green ROHS certification, optimized DC power supply and Ethernet management control energy-saving technology. 1. What should be paid attention to when using cement pressure testing machine?. In order to save energy as much as possible, the energy-saving switch can automatically identify the ports without data communication and cut off the power to the idle ports

to meet the multi rate adaptability requirements of field applications, all 1000Mbps Ethernet ports of Advantech are compatible with 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps devices. At the same time, it supports the adaptation of parallel and cross lines, and does not need to change the existing line sequence due to the change of equipment type. The compact size and flexible installation method (including DIN standard rail installation and steel hammer electronic universal testing machine is a panel type installation specially designed and developed according to the mechanical property test of steel hammer) make it very convenient for installation in narrow space

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established in 1983, Advantech automation is the first business unit of Advantech technology. Committed to combining connectivity, flexibility and robustness with today's reliable PC based automation technology. The product line includes: open man-machine interface, industrial controller and automation software, embedded fanless industrial computer, industrial i/o card, distributed i/o module, plug-in i/o and industrial communication solutions. With more than 20 years of comprehensive product solutions for different industrial markets, Advantech automation has become a leading global automation product and service provider

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