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Advantech embedded innovation platform service meets the 5g+aiot smart era in July, 2019 in Shanghai, Advantech recently successfully held the 2019 Advantech embedded platform service innovation and security device breakthrough Partner Conference in Shanghai. This conference focused on embedded board platform innovation, embedded software and hardware integration services 5g and AI development trends and technologies have attracted more than 100 embedded development engineers and IOT industry followers to the conference. At the same time, industrial partners such as Intel, China Unicom, canonical and Aobo intelligence were invited to attend the meeting to discuss the latest technologies and trends of embedded innovation platform, 5g, AI, wireless and other industrial iots with on-site guests

in recent years, with the development of industrial IOT, more demands and challenges have been put forward for embedded product development and design. At the meeting, Qu Xiaofeng, product director of Advantech IOT embedded platform business group, also mentioned that in the face of the complex needs and challenges of industrial IOT, only by jointly creating IOT ecology with industrial partners, aggregating industrial resources and enabling upstream and downstream industrial chains can we jointly develop industrial IOT. Advantech has been deeply engaged in the industrial field for more than 30 years, and is well aware of the pain points and needs of industrial enterprises. The embedded platform with hardware and software integration and the existing IOT solutions provided by Advantech provide connectivity, equipment management platform services and intelligent data services for the industry, helping industrial enterprises to complete intelligent transformation and upgrading

forward looking embedded single board platform solutions and comprehensive integration of software and hardware services

at this meeting, wangshengwen, senior product manager of Advantech, comprehensively demonstrated the new Advantech embedded single board and module solutions to on-site guests. He is committed to developing modular i/o and software and hardware integration solutions, focusing on providing industry-wide 3.5-inch single boards, Pico itx and pc/104 single boards, equipped with the latest 9th generation core processors from Intel Atom, Xeon to Intel, Meet customer needs for efficiency and cost performance. The full range of Advantech embedded board and module solutions supports -40~85 C wide temperature and stronger on-board memory and storage products, fully meeting the requirements of harsh environments

5g building a foundation for industrial interconnection and imagining a smart future

in the conference, Unicom also shared the innovation brought to industrial IOT applications by 5g's enhanced bandwidth, massive IOT and high reliability and low delay. Based on leading platform technology, stable network connection and high-quality ecological resources, it helped enterprises form a virtuous circle of perception, understanding, analysis and decision-making

epc-s/epc-c embedded system software to inventory clearance hard integration accelerates the start of aiot intelligent application

in recent years, as a global leading manufacturer of the industrial IOT, Advantech has given full play to its technical advantages in the data sensing end and data transmission layer to provide the underlying hardware architecture and products for CO creation solutions. Advantech epc-s/epc-c embedded system is a miniaturized fan free design, which supports the wide temperature requirements of -20~60 C. Inheriting the characteristics of easy expansion of embedded boards, the expansion supported by epc-s/epc-c series includes WiFi LTE, high-speed nvme SSD, GBE, isolated CANbus, etc. In addition, the epc-s series is fully equipped with Advantech wise paas/deviceon intelligent equipment maintenance management software to provide efficient and reliable remote equipment maintenance management, equipment software upgrade (OTA) and visual management. Otherwise, it will only remember the initial data set last time, improve equipment maintenance management efficiency, and quickly realize AI and cloud deployment. Among them, the epc-c301 embedded system is equipped with the latest Intel 8th Gen. i5/i7 SOC processor. It uses a new generation of visual computing processor Intel movidius chip and Intel opensino toolkit, breaking the limit of edge systems, so that customers can focus on developing visual related applications such as intelligent parking lot, automatic sorting system, AOI, etc. In addition, Advantech also cooperates with the industry to provide cloud real-time software and hardware solutions, and controls the servo motor through fieldbus such as EtherCAT

mi/oe modular i/o expansion card, accelerating vertical application landing

in order to make customers free from i/o limitations under the premise of miniaturization, Advantech provides mi/oe modular i/o expansion cards for common application fields of customers, such as mioe-3674 provides 4 Poe extensions (vehicle monitoring), mioe-210 provides 8 com extensions (intelligent parking lot), etc. In addition, customers can also independently develop i/o modules. Advantech provides complete design guidelines and integration services. Customers can also directly consult Advantech engineers. For enterprises, the greatest benefit of the mi/oe modular i/o solution is that it can be developed by using the expanded 299 thermal insulation extruded polystyrene foam card already designed by Advantech, which is simple, fast and reduces the investment cost. For medical, military, outdoor kiosk and other fields, Advantech launched two high-speed 3.5-inch single board mio-5373 equipped with 8th Gen. Intel Core I U-series CPU and mio-5393 equipped with 9th Gen. Intel Xeon/core I H-series CPU. Through four symmetrical CPU screw holes and spring screw design, the heat conduction is strengthened, so that it can take into account the excellent heat dissipation efficiency under the premise of high computing power. In addition, customers can also choose SATA or high-speed nvme SSD storage to maximize their high-speed computing capabilities

the professional embedded cooling design, EMC certification service and antenna design service provided by Advantech are also the hot spots that engineers pay attention to. Hufangfang, head of the design verification department of Advantech aktc collaborative R & D center, detailed the overall process and ideas of Advantech in the above services for the engineers present, providing a strong guarantee for the design and development of customers

in addition to the 5g technology that everyone paid attention to, Intel Corporation, canonical Corporation and Aubo intelligent Corporation made wonderful speeches on the innovative application of AI in machine vision, embedded software design process and robot industry application respectively

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