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Advantech acquired Baoyuan CNC with NT $730million, and went deep into the field of intelligent control

Advantech. In november2013, Advantech, the world's leading provider of innovative computer automation solutions for the embedded industry, announced that it would acquire Baoyuan CNC, the industrial controller subsidiary of Baocheng industry, with a total amount of NT $730million. The transaction amount of this acquisition was NT $14.2 per share, totaling NT $710million, In addition, an additional 20million yuan will be paid to Baocheng industry for follow-up operation support and facility service. After the merger, Advantech LNC will be used as the brand name. The original management team will remain unchanged. Baoyuan CNC will join the Advantech automation business group to jointly expand its influence in the field of intelligent control and Robotics (Machine Co China Zhongwang has launched technical cooperation with many manufacturers such as brilliance bus (Dalian) Co., Ltd., 1 automobile bus, Huanghai bus, Xiamen Golden Tourism, etc.) and aims to become a leading controller brand in Greater China within five years

therefore, after the precision acquisition, the company name will be changed to "Advantech Baoyuan CNC Co., Ltd." the company logo is as follows:

Liukezhen, chairman of Advantech, said: with a strong motion control R & D team and advanced industrial control technology, Baoyuan CNC will be an important resource for Advantech to enter the intelligent control and robot market; For Baoyuan CNC, Advantech's logistics management and global marketing and service network will become a solid backing for Baoyuan CNC products to go deep into greater China and expand the global market. Although the international competitors in the field of intelligent control and robotics are strong, and the operation of core industries is quite challenging and needs long-term investment, Advantech believes that there should be local enterprises in the Greater China market to cultivate motion control technology for a long time to serve the broad industrial demand, and establish a solid supply chain and a symbiotic relationship between upstream and downstream industries in the field of equipment automation and robotics. The merged Advantech Baoyuan CNC will integrate the advantages of both sides, make good use of the achievements and existing resources of Baoyuan CNC in the controller field, plus Advantech's experience in customized production and platform construction, as well as the global distribution support system. After the merger, in addition to continuing to expand the existing controller machine control solution business unit of Baoyuan CNC, a new business unit of Icontrol robot will be established to develop robots and intelligent control platforms in combination with Advantech resources. The two business units will complement each other and play a strong role in the future automation market

guolunyu, general manager of Advantech Baoyuan numerical control, said: we believe that Advantech Baoyuan numerical control will become the most influential solution supplier in the field of intelligent control and robotics, resulting in an insignificant increase in paper prices in 18 years. The R & D teams of both sides will also give full play to the comprehensive effect. China is the world's largest mechanical equipment market so far, accelerating product R & D and market development, and will make good use of Advantech's years of customized services and platform experience, Baoyuan CNC has evolved a number of original control technologies into an open platform machine control solution, providing customers with customized products and services, and leading the smart control market together with Advantech

after joining Yanhua, Baoyuan CNC will establish Yanhua Baoyuan CNC global service based on nearly 100 strongholds in 20 countries around the world. The service network will also have the functions of maintenance, education and training. No matter where customers and their factories are located in the world, they can use Baoyuan CNC's controller without worry and get real-time support

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