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Advantech automation successfully established a new image in the power industry. From November 12 to November 14, 2008, "the 12th International power equipment and Technology Exhibition", or "EP China 2008", which attracted the attention of the power industry at home and abroad, was successfully held in Beijing · China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted more than 400 power enterprises from home and abroad to participate. Display the power transmission and distribution equipment, power dispatching and service system equipment, industrial automation equipment, etc. At the same time, the "China power reform and opening up 30 years' achievement exhibition" was jointly attended by industry giants including State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Corporation, five major power generation groups and China Three Gorges Project Development Corporation

power energy Dept. of Advantech automation focuses on providing high-quality and reliable information building products (3c+1e) for power and renewable energy automation systems, that is, embedded technology products that undertake computing, communication and control in automation systems. Through careful preparation, Advantech automation made a high-profile appearance at this grand event

the open booth attracted people's attention

respectively displayed:

〓 the latest universal material testing machine can be used to test many materials

● energy management system

● wind power generation system

● substation integrated automation system

〓 Advantech automation's information-based products for power system - 3c+1e

● industrial man-machine interface

● power front Machine

● embedded sports terminal

● IEC Industrial Ethernet switch, etc

the dynamic power demo shows people pause

the unique industrial design arouses the interest of visitors

in this exhibition, since today, we will share the relevant data of 5 gold tool torque detection equipment, and successfully display its unique corporate image. Through the carefully designed product and power system scheme display, we will convey the determination of Yanhua to deeply cultivate the power industry

Advantech automation power and Energy Division sincerely invites many industry partners to create an outstanding business of power informatization! Thank you again for your presence at Advantech automation booth

Advantech automation

established in 1983, Advantech automation is the first business unit of Advantech technology. Committed to combining connectivity, flexibility and robustness with today's reliable PC based automation technology. The product line includes: open man-machine interface, industrial controller and automation software, embedded fanless industrial computer, industrial i/o card, distributed i/o module, plug-in i/o and industrial communication solutions. With more than 20 years of comprehensive product solutions for different industrial markets, Advantech automation has become a leading global automation product and service provider

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