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Advanced manufacturing industry report: in the future, there will be more and more individual champion enterprises

at the "2018 spring press conference of mechanical intelligence 2, spring testing machine in operation and application" held by the Institute of mechanical industry information recently, the Institute of mechanical industry information released the Research Report on the definition and Countermeasures of advanced manufacturing industry. The report understands China's advanced manufacturing industry as a general term for manufacturing industry that applies innovative technologies, processes, materials and other elements and fully reflects the development direction of advanced productivity

specifically, it includes three aspects: first, it uses advanced technology to transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry into an advanced manufacturing industry; Second, the emerging advanced manufacturing industry promoted by new technology; The third is the new format and mode of manufacturing service. "It should be emphasized that the development focus of advanced manufacturing industry should be constantly changing according to market demand and international competition." Juenmin, a researcher at the Information Research Institute of machinery industry, said

"advanced manufacturing is not only the field with the highest added value and profit margin in the industrial chain, but also the field with the most innovative vitality, the highest complexity and the richest achievements in the manufacturing industry. It is very important to the economic development and national security of all countries. This has become a broad consensus among countries in the world that titanium and nickel based superalloys are used as materials for parts made by traditional incremental technology." Li Qi, President of the Information Research Institute of the machinery industry, said

the report also puts forward that China should highlight its comparative advantages in developing advanced manufacturing industry, focus on complementing its weaknesses, and strive to build a good 3. Tensile testing machine: institutional environment. "At present, there are still some problems in the development of China's advanced manufacturing industry, such as weak innovation ability, low efficiency of resource utilization, and low degree of integration with advanced technology, materials, processes and other elements." Ju Enmin said

Li Qi pointed out that in order to realize the transformation of manufacturing in China from big to strong, it is necessary not only to develop a number of world-class "giant" enterprises, but also to cultivate a number of "invisible champion" enterprises that can lead the development of this field and occupy a leading position in the market by focusing on specific details of the manufacturing industry for a long time to achieve the best mixed effect

the Information Research Institute of machinery industry has conducted basic research on the development status of China's single champion manufacturing enterprises. At present, China's individual champion enterprises are mainly concentrated in East and South China, and in some regions of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, champion enterprises have formed a champion cluster, while there are few in the northeast, North China, northwest and southwest. "In the future, there will be more and more individual champion enterprises that focus on craftsmanship and take the road of specialization." Li Qi said

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