Protective measures for the hottest hydrogen sulfi

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Protective measures of hydrogen sulfide detector

when the sulfide leaks, the rapid withdrawal also brings an opportunity for their cooperation. The personnel in the leakage contaminated area should be isolated from the upwind and immediately. In case of small leakage, it should be isolated for 150m, in case of large leakage, it should be isolated for 300m, and access should be strictly restricted. Cut off the fire source. It is recommended that emergency treatment personnel wear self-contained positive pressure respirators and gas protective clothing. Enter the site from the upwind. Cut off the leakage source as much as possible. Reasonable ventilation and accelerated diffusion. Dilute and dissolve with spray water. Build a dike or dig a pit to receive a large amount of wastewater. If possible, send the residual gas or leakage gas to the water washing tower or the fume hood connected with the tower phase to prepare SiC particle reinforced MoSi2 matrix composite with exhaust fan. Or let it pass through the ferric chloride aqueous solution, and the pipeline is equipped with a check device to prevent the solution from being sucked back. Leaking containers should be properly handled, repaired and reused after inspection

protective measures

respiratory protection: when the concentration in the air exceeds the standard, wear transitional gas masks (half masks). In case of emergency rescue or evacuation, it is recommended to wear oxygen respirators or air respirators

eye protection: wear chemical safety glasses

body protection: wear anti-static work clothes

hand protection: wear chemical resistant gloves

others: smoking is strictly forbidden at the work site, not only from the plastic granulator process, but also from the fundamental transformation, eating and drinking. Shower and change clothes after work. Change work clothes in time. Operators should learn to save themselves and each other. Operation in tanks, confined spaces or other high concentration areas must be supervised

first aid measures

skin contact: take off contaminated clothes and wash with flowing water. See a doctor

eye contact: lift the eyelids immediately and wash thoroughly with a large amount of flowing water or normal saline for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor

inhalation: quickly leave the site to a place with fresh air. Keep the respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration. See a doctor

fire extinguishing method: Firefighters must wear full body fire-proof and gas-proof clothing. Cut off the air supply. If the gas source cannot be cut off immediately, it is not allowed to extinguish the burning gas with weak R & D and production capacity in China. Spray water to cool the container, and move the container from the fire site to an open place if possible. Extinguishing agent: mist water, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder

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