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Prospects for the "13th five year plan" of the photovoltaic industry

in the five years before this, history inadvertently completed a thought-provoking narrative: high voltage (rated pressure) 21MPa, low voltage (starting pressure) 3Mpa, when the system is started and adjusted - China's achievements of more than 10million kW of new photovoltaic installed capacity for three consecutive years tell about the acceleration of energy structure optimization, It also shows how clean energy has become a green engine for national economic development with the world's leading installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation

everything in the past is a preface. "During the 13th Five Year Plan period, China will add 15million kW to 20million kW of photovoltaic power every year, and continue to maintain the strongest growth in the world." Nuer Baikeli, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, announced his confidence and sounded the clarion call for China's photovoltaic industry to embark on the new journey of the 13th five year plan

time measures the progress of development and marks the height of climbing. A higher starting point means greater challenges. The whole outfit raised its head, and suddenly felt that the thinking of China's photovoltaic industry was no longer how to catch up with and surpass the world, but how to continue to maintain the world's leading position

the installed capacity of solar power generation is expected to reach 1 in 2020. 600million kW

the scroll of photovoltaic industry development in the 13th five year plan was suddenly rolled out. It is not difficult to see that it is less "assault complex", more far away from "Sports" thinking, more calm and sophisticated, and more scientific and rational. There is deep meaning behind the numbers. According to the scale development indicators provided by the national energy administration, by the end of 2020, China's installed capacity of solar power generation is expected to reach 1. 600million kilowatts are looking forward to long-term cooperation with the majority of users, with an annual power generation of 170 billion kilowatt hours. Among them, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reaches 1. 500million kW, with the total installed capacity of solar thermal power generation reaching 10million kW. The solar heat collection area has reached 800million square meters

compared with the scale, the power supply structure also deserves attention. According to the plan, by the end of 2020, the installed capacity of solar power generation will account for about 7% of the power structure, about 15% of the new power installed capacity structure, and about 2% of the total power generation structure in the country. 5%。

the green heat energy after collecting the golden sunshine and gathering the essence will also become a touch of light and warmth in winter. According to the structural development indicators, by the end of 2020, China will have 200million square meters of domestic hot water and heat collection area in urban buildings and rural areas; The quantity of heat collection area of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning system 1. 9.6 billion square meters; There are 200 demonstration projects of large-scale district heating stations, with a heat collection area of 4million square meters; Industrial and agricultural heating application heat collection area retention 1. 500million square meters

walk in light, and you're here. Standing in the opportunity period of the rise of the energy revolution, facing the task pressure and call of duty of the "13th five year plan" and accurately studying and judging the current situation and challenges faced by the photovoltaic development are of great importance to the development of China's photovoltaic industry in the future

after 10 years of savings and nearly 5 years of leapfrog development, China's photovoltaic industry has reached a historic turning point: on the one hand, under the pressure of air pollution and emission reduction targets, the photovoltaic industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities; On the other hand, in the future, from substitution to substitution, it will face competition from other types of energy, and the market consumption pressure will become more severe

the way of coming is engraved with prudence and rationality, while the way of going is increasingly full of planning and hope. More worthy of expectation than the planning goal itself is the high-quality products and services that meet the market demand, as well as the increasingly optimized construction layout and operation mode, which is the source of dividends for the development of the photovoltaic industry

in this regard, the state has put forward clear indicators for the technological innovation of the photovoltaic industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, such as the industrialization conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon cells, polycrystalline silicon cells and new thin-film solar cells reaching more than 23%, more than 20% and about 20% respectively

the development of photovoltaic industry will be supported by multiple policies

since the launch of the 13th five year plan for energy planning, including photovoltaic industry, basic research has been in full swing, the preparation and deployment have been gradually rolled out, and the demonstration pilot has been gradually advanced in depth. Follow up and solve problems one by one, make solid progress one by one, and launch solutions one by one in an orderly manner With a series of landmark, key and leading supporting measures taking root, a blueprint for the development of photovoltaic industry is emerging

in the first quarter of the first year of the 13th five year plan, the National Energy Authority has made overall planning, comprehensive layout, overall promotion, key breakthroughs, and formulated a good prescription to break the stubborn malaria in the photovoltaic field. It vigorously promotes the balanced development of the photovoltaic industry, and makes great efforts to innovate; We should effectively solve the problem of ensuring the full amount of renewable energy, take advantage of changes, and strive to make progress

the deepening strategic layout paves the rational track of the photovoltaic industry - continuously improve the solar photovoltaic power generation market system, and rapidly expand the large-scale utilization level of photovoltaic power generation. According to the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, promote the diversified application of photovoltaic according to local conditions; Comprehensively promote distributed photovoltaic power generation in the central and eastern region in combination with the reform of the power system; Promote the construction of large-scale photovoltaic bases in combination with transmission channels; Integrate the application conditions of land and power markets, and actively build demonstration bases for comprehensive utilization of photovoltaic power generation and electricity price reform

clear and clear "construction drawings" lead the steady progress of the thermal power industry - accelerate the promotion of the solar thermal power industry, and promote the solar thermal power industry to mature through technological progress, demonstration and promotion. Strengthen the planning of solar thermal power generation and promote the construction of technical standard system; Improve the economy and management level of the completed demonstration projects; Rely on the research and formulation of relevant electricity price policies to promote the large-scale development of the industry

promote the chain closely to ensure the implementation of planning measures -- further standardize the solar thermal utilization market and service system. According to a series of problems such as the distribution of solar energy resources, climate differences, leakage, economic development level, market energy demand, as well as factors such as technological maturity and market prospects, we should adjust measures to local conditions, accelerate the industrialization and diversification of new utilization methods, and cultivate new growth points. Plan as a whole, study and formulate the national solar energy utilization plan; Establish and improve a diversified development policy system, increase policy guidance and support, create a good external environment, and guide the industry to innovate, develop healthily and sustainably

from directional regulation to structural optimization, from innovation driven to domestic demand, the "13th five year plan" pace of China's photovoltaic industry, under the clear marking of one work node after another, and under the escort and guarantee of one supporting policy after another, has made solid and steady progress

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