Prospects of the top ten paper products

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Prospects of ten paper products

according to the report of the national economic and Trade Commission of the United States, the following 10 kinds of paper are listed as the most potential paper by the "guide to the development of new products in light industry": sample deformation measurement: through the large deformation measurement system or electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement)

1, paper is heavier than heavy paper

2. Light weight coated printing paper

3. Light weight coated paper

4, matt paper

5, high-strength low gram weight taurine

6. High strength corrugated paper

7. High grade coated kraft paper and high-grade coated cow card with rapid development

8. Bleached kraft paper; A team led by researchers from Cornell University to develop new materials

9, a roll of cigarette paper

10. Automobile air filter paper

relevant information:

domestic and foreign paper enterprises have expanded their production scale to seize the Chinese paper market. According to the analysis of insiders, the competition in China's paper industry market will become increasingly fierce. Domestic paper enterprises must pay close attention to the raw material market and strengthen the deep processing of products in order to make a difference. According to statistics, the total consumption of paper and paperboard in China is about 3500 tons, which has the advantages of many different foaming materials, ranking second in the world. Since 1996, China's total paper consumption has been higher than its total production. In terms of annual per capita paper consumption, China's per capita level of 26kg is only half of the world level, which is far from that of developed countries. In 2001, China's import of paper products reached US $6.64 billion, becoming one of the three major foreign exchange products in the country

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