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Prospects of domestic pump and valve industry under the financial crisis

as a supplier of accessories, the fate of pump and valve enterprises is closely related to real estate, construction, industry, engineering projects and other industries. The global financial crisis is fierce, the penetration between industries is extraordinary, and the negative effects are obvious

first, the negative effects of the financial crisis

"heroes compete to bow down" the capital chain broke into a hidden fuse

it is reported that today, such as the plastic packaging of beverage containers, ice cream and chocolate, the stainless steel industry has encountered an unprecedented "cold wave" since the beginning of the year. At present, at least 70% of local stainless steel operators have chosen to stop production or semi stop production, and the output value has shrunk by at least 60% year-on-year last month. Take nickel plate, one of the main materials of stainless steel, for example. Last year, its price was still about 420000 yuan per ton, but this year it has fallen to 70000 yuan. The market demand and price of finished stainless steel products have declined significantly at the same time. Baocunlin bought a large number of nickel plates at high prices last year. When the sales price of stainless steel finished products is low and the sales volume is small this year, it is bound to suffer serious losses and the funds cannot be returned in time. Baocunlin operates the factory of Jiangsu xinglilai Special Steel Co., Ltd., which covers an area of 10 mu at the beginning, to 30 mu, and now to 300 mu. The scale continues to expand, the front is getting longer and longer, and the capital mouth is also growing. For financing, the deposit forest has successively borrowed hundreds of millions of yuan from major banks, and loan repayment has become its heavy burden, especially in the case of this year's financial storm and the overall depression of the stainless steel market, seeing the loan repayment date coming, the situation is not good. It is said that Bao cunlin applied for bankruptcy to the relevant departments, but was not approved

the market demand is declining, and the situation of "furnace stuffing" is significant.

in the metallurgical industry, "blast furnace" and "coke oven" polyurethane glass fiber reinforced paper honeycomb composites can be used in skylights, spare tire cover plates, luggage compartment partitions, shelving plates and other parts. They are the core equipment of steel and coking enterprises. Once ignited, they cannot be easily stopped, otherwise the furnace body will be seriously damaged. The so-called "furnace stuffing" is actually a method that these enterprises have to do to greatly compress the production. It keeps the furnace in a heat preservation state to minimize the cost. The cans made of aluminum foil are not transparent and wait for the market to warm up. Under the impact of the international financial crisis, a number of enterprises in China's steel, coking, textile and clothing industries are currently in the state of shutdown or semi shutdown with the sharp contraction of the market. Although the production and operation are in trouble, they are still waiting for the recovery of the market. People in the economic circles vividly call it the "furnace stuffing phenomenon". The arrival of the financial crisis is undoubtedly making things worse for industries such as steel, construction and their upstream and downstream industries. With limited funds, sharply reduced demand, ineffective upstream operation, and precarious downstream, the disadvantages of overcapacity and blind investment in some industries have become prominent, forming a dilemma

the negative effects of the financial crisis have slowed down the development of enterprises to a certain extent and become a "cold air" that hinders the development of enterprises. Its adverse effects are unforgettable. Nevertheless, enterprises need to face up to the effectiveness of the financial crisis. In order to achieve their own development, they also need to see its positive side, the side of survival and development. In short, the financial crisis has brought us unexpected warnings

Second, the positive role of the financial crisis

order reduction enterprises "survival of the fittest"

not long ago, Wenzhou fastener industry association found in an investigation of enterprises in the industry that there were more than 3000 enterprises in the fastener industry three years ago, but now there are only more than 2000. For a long time, low, small and scattered are one of the important characteristics of Wenzhou fastener industry. A large number of family workshop enterprises rent private houses for production and occupy a little market by fighting a price war. However, in recent years, due to the rising prices of raw materials, small enterprises cannot afford to increase costs. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of Wenzhou City, more and more houses have been demolished, and these small enterprises have lost their production sites. The financial crisis has played a role in fuelling the flames. Therefore, most of the nearly 1000 small enterprises that "disappeared" have been integrated into larger enterprises. The efficiency and image of Wenzhou fastener industry are much better than before. The reason is that after the reduction of family workshop small enterprises, there are fewer fake and inferior products, and the products dumped at low prices are also decreasing

the implementation of the consolidation policy

"the plight of some industries at present also reflects the problem that the macro-control policies have not been effectively implemented in previous years. Taking the steel industry as an example, although the project of Jiangsu Tieben company was closed in 2004, more 'small Tieben' companies have been built since then." A leading cadre familiar with the development of the steel industry in Hubei Province said, "this lesson is worth reflecting on. If the macro-control policy is effectively implemented, the steel industry is now much better off." The arrival of the financial crisis, on the one hand, saw its huge industry impact, on the other hand, saw some deficiencies of the enterprise itself, and at the same time, the shortcomings of the internal system of the industry were also exposed. Under the market economy system, the intervention of macro policy becomes necessary

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