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Prospects for the future development of transmission technology in China

transmission is a very important configuration of cars this year, which plays a very important role in the handling, comfort and fuel economy of cars, accounting for 7% of the manufacturing cost of cars. With the continuous improvement of Chinese automobile consumers' understanding of automobiles, transmissions have begun to affect consumer behavior. In the past 10 years, China has been mainly committed to the research and development of engine technology, and the transmission is likely to be the research and development hotspot in the next 10 years. And the development trend of transmission has become the focus of attention

from a global perspective, the main automatic transmissions are AMT (automatic manual transmission), at (automatic transmission), CVT (continuously variable transmission) and DCT (double clutch transmission), which have their own advantages and disadvantages. At has poor energy-saving effect, but it has good comfort, high reliability of components, long production history and wide application range. CVT is suitable for small cars. AMT will have a short interruption when shifting gears, which makes it less comfortable 882.6. DCT combines the fuel economy of manual transmission and the comfort of automatic transmission. It evolved from the traditional manual transmission and represents the highest technology of transmission at present

German ZF company, the world's largest manufacturer of manual transmission, predicts that only 6% of the cars sold in the North American market will be manual transmission by 2012. The situation in Europe is very different from that in the United States. Some institutions predict that by 2013, 52% of cars in Europe will still be in manual gear, with 10% equipped with automatic manual transmission, 2% equipped with infinite transmission and 16% equipped with dual clutch transmission. Europeans advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, like to drive small cars, and prefer the fuel economy of manual transmissions. In the Japanese transmission market, CVT has an absolute market share

in China, according to the survey, the market share of manual transmission in 2007 was 74%, accounting for a large market share. From 2002 to 2007, the market share of automatic transmission has increased from 9% to 26%. GlobalInsight predicts that automatic transmission will account for 33% of the market share by 2012, while the proportion of automatic transmission in the passenger car market may reach 44%. From, female users increased from 20.3% to 30.9%, while the convenience of automatic transmission is deep. 5. The power source (electromechanical) of the experimental machine is loved by female users. In addition, among the most concerned auto parts in the consumer survey, the first is the airbag, and the second is the automatic transmission. The market of automatic transmission in China is very optimistic. At the same time, the energy-saving, economy and driving entertainment of manual transmission also determine its irreplaceable

at present, domestic enterprises have developed these technologies of transmission to varying degrees. Among them, the industrialization and scientific research level of CVT are at the forefront, and AMT is accelerating its industrialization. Recently, driven by the national development and Reform Commission, more than 10 domestic vehicle enterprises have established a joint venture called "zhonglianfa Industrial Co., Ltd." with Borg warner of the United States to jointly develop the key technology of dual clutch transmission (hereinafter, there is a national technology center, referred to as "DCT"). The companies that master DCT technology in the world are mainly Borg Warner and Schaeffler

in view of the development trend of China's transmission market, Dr. Duan Chengwu, technical analyst of GlobalInsight in Asia, elaborated several points of his own views:

first, in the short term, manual transmission still accounts for the main share, while automatic transmission will have more room for growth

second, in view of the complexity of the Chinese market, in the long run, the transmission is not a single development trend, and no form of transmission will become the final winner

III. in the Chinese market, AMT is similar to LPG, auto and gasoline, cvte and hybrid, DCT and diesel in terms of technical support, current market share and equipment supply

fourth, in the long run, Chinese local enterprises should pay more attention to DCT, because it will have a very good prospect

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