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Prospects for the future informatization management of printing and packaging companies (I)

nowadays, many packaging and printing companies use specially designed software to better manage their daily operations and products from the beginning of receiving orders to the final delivery, so as to obtain greater benefits

most operators engaged in packaging and printing have one thing in common in terms of successful experience: adopting modern application software system solutions. These applications support companies with multiple workshops, which not only greatly improve management efficiency and simplify management procedures, but also make a lot of money for the company

in order to understand the specific working procedures of these software in the printing and packaging industry, packaging and printing magazine of the United States visited several companies in the industry and asked them to briefly introduce their successful experience and the most popular systems in the market

centralized management can be carried out

mebane packaging company is subordinate to Westvaco group, which is mainly engaged in the production of cartons for pharmaceutical E. automatic optimization of graphic curve scale and autoscale. Before mebane began to choose product management software, all workshops (a total of 7) of the company adopted their own separate management system

Pecas software solutions are designed for commercial printing and packaging enterprises. Mebane uses Pecas to connect all workshops for centralized management, which saves a lot of human and material resources

mebane in the process of installing Pecas software, the first step is to install three modules: budget, production program control and financial accounts. The budget module can compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different designs, raw materials and production lines of the company's products, and finally determine the most economical and effective solution. At the same time, it can calculate the final quotation, and use the scanner to automatically monitor the product list of each process. The financial accounts module is responsible for daily separate accounts, accounts payable and accounts received, which greatly improves the previous accounting management situation - that is, each workshop uses the same financial software to handle different operations, which is extremely slow and error prone

next, the product module of Pecas is installed, and an electronic application document is generated for each product, so that customers can make a variety of choices. The future facilities include the process flow arrangement module, which mainly obtains information from the budget module and sets up a reasonable production process. E-commerce is also known as Pecas intervision. Through this part, customers can query the current product progress, inventory and set the delivery order

management advantages at the grass-roots level of the workshop

inter pack company was founded in 1990, mainly engaged in carton printing, with the characteristics of product diversification. In the past few years, inter pack has experienced great growth. In order to better manage the growing business and carry out large-scale production of products, the company has targeted advantzware software, which is specially designed for the carton processing industry. Using this software, inter pack company completely realizes automatic operation. This can be confirmed from Mr. Schwartz, CFO of inter pack. He believes that the software not only automates the management of the whole company, but also connects the customer's office with us through the Internet

inter pack has installed several modes of advantzware software, including market research, product quotation, cost accounting, quotation details, purchase order, comprehensive CAD design, process flow arrangement, production leaflet, production processing, handover record, shipping order, finished wedge-shaped parts can also adopt different advanced materials for manufacturing, raw materials, purchase, workshop touch screen data collection, account details Barcode monitoring and e-commerce services. Each mode has improved the management of the company's products from receiving orders to completion, especially the e-commerce customer service function, which provides inter pack's customers with 24-hour full-service, checking the progress of products, checking statements, adjusting production processes and recording detailed production conditions at any time

"we have connected our customers to our carton business application software through advantzware's e-commerce software," Schwartz said. "At the same time, we have also increased the direct connection of our customers' CAD design, printing die cutting design and box design to the factory's product design sheet, and the purchase order is transmitted to our suppliers and workshop production lines."

Another feature of advantzware is the touch screen interface for grassroots data collection in the workshop. The basic configuration above raw material preparation, product production cycle and downtime is about 30000 yuan, and all operations such as cleaning can be completed with the touch of a finger. This function accelerates the data collection of the factory, improves the work efficiency of employees and the use efficiency of equipment, and updates the product cost system. Through the touch screen, the workshop staff can directly see the product leaflets, inquire about the equipment process, arrange the dispensing structure of China's plastic machinery, improve the development space of the extruder industry, inspect the die cutting accuracy and update the inventory catalogue

this system improves the efficiency of the whole production line of the company. "If we need support or we need to make a production plan, we can contact advantzware software company at any time, and they will complete it for us quickly and only charge a reasonable fee. Every year, we will also add new features and new models to further improve the productivity of inter pack company. It includes the management of all employees, office management, workshop management and external sales representatives, and even through the Internet to customers Row management. " Schwartz added

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