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Industry prospects: the eight "predictions" of the LED industry in 2014

time flies, and 2013 is getting farther and farther away from us; As the situation changes, the LED industry is still moving forward. In the coming year, the development of LED will face more opportunities and challenges. During this period, the business strategy of led enterprises is particularly important. Combining environmental advantages, making special brands and realizing scale effect is an effective way for led enterprises to deal with market risks in the future. There are eight predictions for the LED industry in 2014

1. In 2014, led began to reshuffle.

after several years of development, the domestic LED industry has made considerable progress in technology, scale, products and other aspects, but it also faces many problems, such as excess led capacity, a large number of enterprises, uneven product performance levels, intensifying price war, and many enterprises do not have a clear enterprise and product positioning

the LED industry will be reshuffled in the next five years. Whether listed companies, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, they will face a very severe situation in the next five years. Especially in the next three years, it will be the norm for the LED industry that big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, because the market space is so large, which is also the inevitable result of the market law. Unlisted companies may basically be eliminated or integrated

2. The global trend of LED light source replacement will be officially launched

in the rapidly developing LED lighting market, lighting manufacturers have integrated resources and enhanced competitiveness through the acquisition of channels and technologies. At present, most lighting manufacturers are equipped with various wireless transmission technologies and overall intelligent control technologies, and even green building solutions with various renewable energy, so the business opportunities in the future are quite huge. In addition, the improvement of brand image can expand the bargaining space of lighting manufacturers and get rid of the dilemma of continuous price competition

3. In 2014, LED lighting product shipments increased by 70% annually, and the output value reached US $17.8 billion.

the global market led lighting penetration is rapidly improving. In 2014, LED lighting output value will reach US $17.8 billion, and the overall LED lighting product shipments will reach 1.32 billion, an increase of 68% over 2013. Ledinside said that the global trend of LED lighting products replacement is caused by the rapid decline in prices, of which the replacement light source products are the most obvious. Bulb lamps and tubes are the most popular replacement light sources in the market. Whether there is a fuse breaking type in the 2 electrical control cabinet, accounting for 38% and 25% of LED lighting products in 2013 respectively. In addition, the demand for integrated LED lighting products will gradually rise in the future, especially those combined with intelligent lighting applications. Therefore, it is expected that the proportion of LED lighting products will increase year by year in 2014

4. The flashled market trend in 2014 will be M-shaped.

the penetration rate of flashled in Smart has reached 100%. Look at the flash business opportunities, and the LED industry is actively involved in the flash market. In 2013, the specification of flashled is dominated by the driving current of 1000mA, 500mA and 350mA, while in 2014, the specification of flashled will move towards M-type, and then output and print various required experimental curves and experimental reports. Under the driving current of 1000mA, flashled with brightness of LM will continue to play the mainstream of medium and high order. On the other hand, if customers have the consideration of reducing costs, and the imported models are medium and low-order models, The use of flashled will fall within the specification of driving current 350mA and brightness below 75lm

5. In 2014, the penetration rate of Direct TV exceeded 60%, impacting the output value of LED backlight

in 2013, the penetration rate of ledtv was driven to 95% by Chinese TV factories. It is expected to replace CCFL in 2014. The annual TV shipment is estimated to reach 290million units, with an annual growth rate of 3%. However, the output value of TV LED backlight in 2014 is estimated to be $2.41 billion, and the annual growth rate has declined by 17%. The main reason is that the number of LEDs used by direct down TVs is about 50% less than that of side light models. In 2014, the export proportion of direct down extruders is still low, and the penetration rate of extruders will be as high as 60%, which is the main reason for the growth of overall LED TV shipments and the decline of LED output value

6. The price continues to decline, and the demand for lighting will increase significantly

in the past two years, the global lighting market has begun to show the effect of banning white. At the same time, affected by the improvement of upstream chip technology and the rapid decline in prices, the gap between LED lighting and traditional lighting products has gradually narrowed, and the price decline of downstream LED lighting products has become an indisputable implementation. At present, the price of LED lighting products is declining at a rate of about 20% per year. In many regions, whether replacing 40W or 60W LED bulb lamps, the lowest price has even been less than $10, gradually approaching the price of traditional energy-saving lamps

according to the statistics of global research institutions, in October 2013, the price of some LED products that replaced 40W in the world decreased significantly, and the performance was superior. The lowest price of brand lamps in all regions had fallen below $10, and the average price gap between products in different regions was gradually narrowing. Especially in the UK, it showed a sharp decline of 11%. The prices of some original high-priced items have been lowered, while low-priced items continue to decline. OSRAM, Samsung, LG and other brands sell products close to or less than US $10 in the UK region. The lowest price of goods replacing 40W in this region has reached US $8.1. In the U.S. region, in addition to the low-cost bulbs recently launched by Cree and Wal Mart, Philips and ecosmart have also been selling products less than $10. The lowest price of goods replacing 40W in this region has also been reduced to $9

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