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Protective device of mechanical equipment refers to a device that uses shell, cover, screen, door, cover, fence and other structures as object obstacles to isolate people from hazards

common protective devices have protective box covers of metal casting or metal plate welding, which are generally used for the protection of gear transmission or transmission devices with small transmission distance; The main machine of the gold experimental machine adopts imported exchange servo electromechanical and controller, which is a protection made of framework and metal, and is commonly used for the protection of belt transmission devices; Fence protection is applicable to occasions with a large protection range, or as the on-site protection of temporary operations within the moving range of mobile machinery, or for the protection of forest side operations at heights with falling risks

I. the functions of the protective device are as follows:

1. Isolation function. Prevent any part of the human body from entering the mechanical danger zone and touching various moving parts

2. Blocking effect. Prevent flying objects from hitting, accidental spray of high-pressure liquid, or prevent human body from scalding, corrosion injury, etc

3. Accommodation. Accept the parts and components that may be thrown, dropped and launched by machinery, as well as the debris behind the ankle and the sprayed liquid

4. Other effects. In occasions with special requirements, it should also have special blocking, isolation, sealing, absorption or shielding effects on electricity, high temperature, fire, explosives, vibration, radiation, dust, smoke, noise, etc

II. Type of protective device

there is a separate protective device, which can only play a protective role when the protective device is closed; In addition, it is used in combination with the interlocking device. Below, the technicians of our company will introduce the characteristics and ordinary protection of the digital display electronic tensile testing machine; The protective device can play a protective role no matter the protective device is in any state. According to the way of use, it can be divided into the following:

1. Fixed protective devices. Protect the protective device that does not move in the required position (closed). It is impossible to open or remove it without tools. The common forms are closed type, fixed distance type and fixed distance type. Among them, the closed fixed protective device will completely close the dangerous area, and personnel cannot enter the dangerous area from anywhere; The fixed spacing and fixed distance protective devices do not completely close the dangerous area, and the safe distance is allowed to prevent or reduce the opportunity for personnel to enter the dangerous area

2. Movable protective device. It is connected with the frame of the machine or adjacent fixed elements by mechanical methods (such as iron chains, slides, etc.) and can be opened without tools. Common devices include movable protective doors, pull-out protective devices and other devices with adjustable positions of the whole device or adjustable components of the device

3. Interlock protective device. The opening and closing state of the protective device is directly interlocked with the dangerous state of protection. As long as the demand for engineering plastics in the future is not reduced, the protective device is not closed, and the dangerous machine function "suppressed" by it cannot be performed; In the process of performing the functions of dangerous machines, as long as the protective device is opened, a shutdown command is given

III. safety technical requirements for protective devices

1. The fixed protective devices should be fixed by permanent fixing (by welding, etc.) or by means of fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.), and they cannot be moved or opened without tools (or special tools)

2. The protective structure should not have a leakage protection area, and the most important point should meet the requirements of safe distance, so that people cannot cross or bypass the protective device to contact the danger

3. When the movable protective device or the movable question of the protective device is opened, it should be connected with the protected machinery with the help of hinges or chains as far as possible to prevent the movable protective device or movable question from losing or difficult to recover, which will make the protective device lose its safety function

4. When the movable interlocking protective device fails to lose its safety function, the dangerous machine function "suppressed" by it cannot be executed or stopped, and the failure of the device shall not lead to accidental start

5. The protective device should be set on the only way to enter the danger

6. The structure of the protective device shall have sufficient strength and rigidity, which can effectively resist the impact or external force of flying objects and avoid undue deformation

7. The adjustable part of the adjustable protective device or the adjustable part of the movable part shall remain in a fixed and self-locking state during specific operation, and shall not shift or fall off due to mechanical rotation

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