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According to the estimation of the world energy organization (IEA), the world power doubled from 3000gw to 6000gw between 1995 and 2020. Of the increase of about 3500gw, the CECD (OECD) was 1094gw, the developing countries 550gw, China 550gw, and other countries 1109gw, a total of 3503gw. It is estimated that 3.3 trillion US dollars will be needed in these 25 years. This means that for every additional kW of power, an investment of $900 is required

in terms of world per capita electricity consumption, some countries in the world rank as follows: Norway has the highest per capita electricity consumption, 23850kwh, followed by Sweden 15015kwh, the United States 11623kwh, Belgium 7300kwh, Switzerland 6635kwh, France 6495kwh, Denmark 5865kwh, Austria 6165kwh, Germany 5835kwh, Netherlands 5835kwh, Britain 5320kwh, Italy 4450kwh, Spain 3690kwh, world per capita 2216kwh, China 880kwh

the current installed capacity in the world is 3000gw (270gw in China in 1998). The global market capacity of transmission and distribution equipment is US $41.485 billion (1994 data). Among them, the sales of switchgear is US $10.231 billion, accounting for 1/4 of the market capacity of transmission and distribution equipment. According to information, the European high and Medium Voltage Switchgear Market in 1997 was estimated to be 3386 million US dollars, of which medium voltage switchgear accounted for about 51.7% and high voltage switchgear accounted for 48.8%. It is estimated that from 1997 to 2004, the annual growth rate will be 2.1%. The expected market capacity in 2004 is below that of port control source program: US $3928 million. By 2004, medium voltage sales will account for 55% and high-voltage sales will account for 45%. It is reported that four multinational companies almost control the European market: a common physical properties lsthom, merlingerin, abb and Siemens

according to coulden, a market researcher of British resources, the sales of world high-voltage switchgear in 1998 increased by 4.3% over 1997, reaching US $12billion, and the market of high-voltage switchgear showed an upward trend. From 1997 to 1998, the sales of the Switchgear Market in the United States accounted for 18% of the world's sales. China and its Taiwan Province were the second largest market, with sales of 1.388 billion US dollars, followed by Germany (1.38 billion US dollars) and the United Kingdom (615 million US dollars). Demand has also increased significantly in many other parts of the world

ABB's products account for almost 18% of the world's total market share, accounting for 30% of the world's 14 major suppliers. The company has the largest market share in North America, accounting for 27% of the market. ABB's European rivals are Siemens, Schneider and Alstom

in the Far East, Japanese manufacturers Mitsubishi, Toshiba and other companies account for 37% of the total sales, of which Mitsubishi accounts for 14% of the market. The sales volume of the big data sharing platform we eagerly call for composite materials is 429 million US dollars

the production of high-voltage switches in the world is mainly concentrated in several major European companies (such as Siemens, abb, slsthom, schneicler, etc.) and several major Japanese companies (such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc.). Their products basically represent the world level. By studying their products, we can learn about the development level and trend of the world

through the analysis of foreign products, it can be concluded that there are many reasons for the advanced level of products, but the following are the main reasons

1. Products are updated quickly. Products are generally replaced by 50% - 60% within 5 years

At the beginning of 1999, abb held a press conference. The research and development (R & D) work of the company was introduced at the meeting. Research results account for a considerable share of its products. In the past five years, research achievements accounted for about 50% in the field of power transmission and distribution, that is, new achievements and new products accounted for 50% of the products in the past five years

Siemens also pays attention to product upgrading, and new products account for 60% in five years. Other companies are probably the same

2. Increase investment in research costs

research costs of foreign enterprises account for a considerable proportion of sales to ensure the smooth development of research work. According to the 8th annual research and development (R & D) investment report released by the British Department of trade and industry (DTI), the R & D investment of the world's 300 largest enterprises reached 218billion US dollars in 1997. Among them, Siemens ranked third, with an investment of $4.59 billion, accounting for 7.6% of sales, Hitachi ranked fifth, with an investment of $3.92 billion, accounting for 5.9% of sales, abb ranked fifth, with an investment of $2.69 billion, accounting for 8.5% of sales, Toshiba ranked 17th, with an investment of $2.58 billion, accounting for 6.1% of sales, Mitsubishi ranked 71st, with an investment of $0.93 billion, accounting for 3.8% of sales, Schneider Electric ranked 116th, with an investment of US $0.44 billion, accounting for 4.2% of sales. It can be seen from the above that large foreign companies pay attention to scientific research, increase scientific research investment, and speed up product upgrading

3. Establishing a strong test and research base

high voltage and high current test is very important for the development of high voltage switches. In order to speed up product development, major companies are strengthening and expanding their strong current test bases

here is ABB as an example. In order to study the power technology in the 21st century, the company has expanded and modernized the Ludvika high current test station in Sweden in the past few years. After the expansion, the short-circuit capacity will reach 7500mva, which can generate any voltage as high as 1600kV, and the short-circuit current will reach 80kA (effective value). The capacitors are divided into two groups, and the electric group is formed by connecting the capacitors in series installed in a 12 stage tower shape. The heaviest capacitor bank is about 40t. Two short-circuit generators, with a total short-circuit capacity of 4000mva and a rated rate of 16 ~ 60Hz. The test hall (including the voltage circuit), with a width of 30m, a length of 60m, a clear height of 30m, and an area of 3000m2, is covered with insulated steel plates. The cement floor shows a better lasting shaping effect according to the average load of 5t/m. 2. The test station also has an assembly workshop with an area of 1000m2 for users

the test station is equipped with the latest testing, control and monitoring technology and the most modern measurement data processing equipment

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