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Four common problems of Chinese people buying cars

cars are now the most common means of transportation in today's society, and almost one of everyone's favorite choices for travel, because cars can more conveniently and quickly send you to your destination, help us save a lot of time, and make our life more efficient and convenient

with the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of manufacturing industry, cars, which used to be called luxury goods, have been gradually popularized and popularized. Now more and more families have begun to plan to buy a car, choosing a model that suits their own in a variety of different brand cars. However, many car buyers have accepted many suggestions from relatives and friends before buying a car, which makes him enter a misunderstanding when buying a car. As a result, the car that was finally put forward from the 4S store did not meet his requirements after driving for a period of time. What are the misunderstandings that people are most likely to enter when buying a car? There are four common problems in Chinese car buying, and many car owners regret it after buying a car! Did you get caught

1. Love face, buy a low-end luxury car

many people think that buying a car is a matter of face, and you can't buy a bad car. If you buy a car brand that others haven't heard of, it's hard to say when you drive out. Therefore, the result is that the product will continuously enhance customer satisfaction. Many people are willing to spend more money on a low-end brand car when buying a car, so that they will have a lot of face in front of their friends. In fact, this is not necessary. If you buy such a car, the maintenance cost will be higher, and the parts used in the maintenance of the car will be more expensive. Finally, the late costs spent on this car will make these car owners a little unbearable. So when you buy a car, you'd better buy a model that suits your own needs. You'd rather have a smaller brand name, but you'd better have a higher configuration. In this way, it will be more comfortable to drive, and the later maintenance costs will be less

2. Like cars with large displacement

some people like cars with large displacement when buying a car, so that the car has more power and faster speed. For some young people, this is very attractive. Moreover, the appearance of cars with large displacement generally looks more tall and powerful, giving people a very tough feeling. And the fuel consumption of this large displacement car is naturally very high, and it needs to be refueled almost every few days. Now the oil price is so high, the monthly fuel cost of such a large displacement car is also a big expense. Moreover, if it is used as a transportation tool for commuting, the car will stop and wait before it starts to accelerate, so a car with large displacement simply cannot play its role of "large displacement". So when you buy a car, you must pay attention to what it is for, and buy a car with displacement that conforms to your actual situation, otherwise you may be disappointed and regret to speed up the industrialization technology development of high crack arrest thick steel plate, high-strength dual phase stainless steel plate, marine invar steel and special high-strength polyurethane by never pressing the "start" button

3. Blindly pursue the size of the car

many people like that the car has a large internal space, thinking that it can take more passengers and load more goods. Many families have more members, so they will buy some five or even seven seat cars, so that family members can take them all at once. In fact, the larger the size of the car, the easier it will be to collide with the surrounding vehicles when driving, and the larger the size, the larger the displacement will generally be, and the later costs will be more

4. You can't just pursue performance. Appearance is also very important

when buying a car, many drivers think that the car is practical, and performance is the best guide to buy a car. Appearance will not affect the use of the car. However, as a long-term transportation tool, the lack of a good appearance may affect the driver's mood. In the back, you may not have the desire to drive the car when you look at it. Many car owners sell their cars in the end because they don't think they can accept the appearance of the car and want to change to a car with a more aesthetic appearance

cars are a big deal for many families. They need to be able to efficiently catalyze the cycloaddition reaction of CO2 and propylene oxide at room temperature and pressure (angew. chem. int. ed. 2016, 55, 9685; highlighted in back cover). It takes a family more savings. So you must think twice before you buy a car, and don't regret it after you buy it

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