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Yingda "road repair king" has been guarding the international bicycle track for six consecutive years

Yingda "road repair king" has been guarding the international bicycle track for six consecutive years

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straw filled plastic interior decoration Huangyuan highway in Qinghai Province is located at the east gate of Huangyuan, the "thoroughfare of Tibet", It is an annual Top Asian event - the traditional halogen and other flame retardant systems of Huanqing have been greatly restricted, and it is an important section of the Haihu international road cycling race

in 2008, Yingda "road repair king" was introduced to the Huangyuan highway section high-speed maintenance center, and has made outstanding contributions to the track maintenance of the world's highest altitude international road cycling race for six consecutive years. Recently, the author paid a return visit to liruipeng, the equipment director of the high-speed maintenance center of Huangyuan Highway general section of Qinghai Provincial Highway Bureau. He commented that Yingda's "king of road construction" has excellent technology and excellent performance, especially in emergency repair, and it is absolutely impossible to say

hot material supply at minus 20 ℃ and emergency repair "

Huangyuan highway section is located in high altitude plateau area, and some sections are more than 4200 meters above sea level; The lowest air temperature in winter is 20 degrees below zero, which brings great difficulties to pavement maintenance

"because of the cold weather, there is almost no pavement maintenance in winter in Northwest China. First, there is no hot material supply in the mixing plant. Second, even if there is asphalt supply, the hot material is paved on the pavement, the temperature drops rapidly, and the pavement is difficult to compact, so the construction quality cannot be guaranteed." Li ruipeng said that since the introduction of Yingda "road repair king", its heating and insulation silo can heat the cold block, and can be ready for road maintenance whenever necessary, even in winter; The advanced thermal regeneration technology of Yingda "Road King" first heats the pavement, harrows and sprays emulsified asphalt, and then paves and compacts new materials. The thermal bonding technology combines the old and new pavement into a whole, ensuring the repair quality. There is absolutely nothing to say about emergency repair

"the Huangyuan highway expressway section is located in an important tourism belt in Qinghai. It is a window of the expressway in Qinghai Province. The international cycling race around Qinghai Lake is held here every year." Li ruipeng went on to say that our Huangyuan highway section high-speed maintenance center introduced the "road repair king" equipment, which is to apply the most advanced equipment in the best road sections and make the best maintenance quality

20 ㎡ of cracks are repaired in 30 minutes, and the efficiency of "Road King" is a record.

the "national and provincial trunk lines under the jurisdiction of Huangyuan Highway general section" have many points, long lines and wide areas, and the construction site is often far away; At the same time, geological conditions are diverse, road diseases are complex, and there are often large-scale diseases. Li ruipeng told the author that this Yingda "road repair king" performed well in the busy season of maintenance. Even if the construction site is far away, it can reach the site quickly, the construction process is simple and fast, and the reopening traffic is fast. The equipment can generally repair dozens of road diseases in a day on the road; During the construction process, we always add new cold blocks to the silo, and add pot materials every day. The "king of road repair" heating wall can rotate left and right and move sideways, and it is also handy to treat a large area of road disease. For a road disease of more than 20 square meters, we can usually complete the repair in half an hour

talking about the pavement repair quality of Yingda "road repair king", Li ruipeng was full of confidence: "we compared the maintenance work. Yingda" road repair king "technology is excellent, the effect of thermal regeneration repair is indeed good, and the impact force and frequency are really good. There are no weak joints and weak interfaces, which is obviously better than the traditional repair technology, and the repaired pavement is more durable. In addition, the Inda vr50 oscillating roller equipped with the vehicle is flexible and convenient, and the effect of treating pavement joints is particularly good. So this summer, we bought another vr50. "

for six consecutive years, Yingda "road repair king" has written a legendary chapter of road maintenance in high altitude areas on the Qinghai Lake International Cycling track with professional thermal regeneration technology and high-quality road maintenance quality

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