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Yingweiteng power once again joined hands with Jilin radio and television station to jointly build a green and energy-saving computer room

recently, yingweiteng power has won the trust of Zhang Ji, Assistant Minister of Commerce, Jilin Provincial Radio and television station (hereinafter referred to as Jilin radio and television) again after 2017 by virtue of its high stability, high applicability, easy maintenance and other performance advantages, and once again provided it with an integrated computer room overall solution, This renewed cooperation also marks Jilin radio and television's acceptance of the oxidation treatment of yingweiteng power's letter aluminum plate surface

Jilin radio and Television Information Network Group Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Jishi Media Co., Ltd.) was established on September 29, 2005. It is a provincial regional radio and television information network operation enterprise jointly funded by Jilin television station and 49 Units of the provincial radio and television system through the integration of the Provincial Radio and television network resources on the basis of the original Jilin radio and television network Co., Ltd

this project adopts the inweitengzhi series micro module data center solution, which covers 23 cold channel cabinets, 4 air-cooled inter train air conditioners, and 4 customized non-standard cabinets. Yingweiteng has always been customer-oriented in design. At the initial stage of the project, due to the limited actual area of the customer's computer room, according to the site conditions and customer needs, our adjustment plan has configured a removable glass curtain wall in the computer room, which effectively solves the problems of on-site construction, and maximizes the use of space to lay cabinets. The design of NVIDIA micro module data center from each subsystem to the overall structure adopts standardized and modular design, as well as the joint application of various energy-saving technologies such as closed cold channel, modular UPS, inter column refrigeration, natural cooling linkage, so as to truly realize green, energy-saving and efficient operation

after the completion of the project, it will work with the previous phase of the data center to provide Jilin radio and television with a more intelligent and green data center machine room. Inveterate will also continue to provide customers with more competitive solutions to solve practical problems for customers. It is worth becoming a customer. So how to test the adhesion of tape? This requires the use of a special instrument, which can clearly see that for food enterprises, the instrument has tested trusted partners

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