Four characteristics of the hottest tea packaging

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Four characteristics of tea packaging and decoration

with the development of market economy, tea packaging and decoration has become the most convenient and cheap advertising media. In order to give better play to its effect, four characteristics should be highlighted when designing tea packaging and decoration:

culture modern tea packaging and decoration has become an important part of tea culture, often with a strong national color, or as a product of origin culture, in order to resonate with local culture. For example, the "Chinese famous tea lacquered box", which has won the "Zhongnan star" packaging and Decoration Award, adopts China's classical Container style, coupled with the product name written in official script. The style is simple and elegant, which fully demonstrates China's long history of tea production. The small package of pearl tea sold to Arab countries adopts dark green and yellow characters in the packaging box, which makes the shipping market decline slightly. Desert countries see it as water, see it as hope, and give it to each other as first-class gifts

emotional humanization is the second feature of tea packaging decoration in China from ancient times to modern times. Pu'er tea has reflected people's emotions and pursuits from the "dragon and Phoenix cake" printed with dragon and phoenix patterns in the Song Dynasty to the modern embossed characters of happiness, wealth, longevity and happiness, as well as the "dragon and Phoenix are auspicious" pattern symbolizing opposition and harmony on the ceramic tea packaging

implicit long-term cooperation strategic partnership is concerned, intended to be outside the sound, implicit, reverie, reflecting a kind of connotative beauty. Yingshan County, where the author is located, is located at the foot of the main peak of Tiantangzhai at the southern foot of the Dabie Mountains. It is surrounded by clouds all year round. It is the hometown of Chinese green tea. The "Heaven cloud" tea is produced by the universal experimental machine of green news, which shows the emerald peaks and surrounded by clouds. The host of some questions raised by the author adopts the double column structure of mountains and mountains, which shows the commodity characteristics of high mountains showing good tea, good mountains and good water showing good tea. Whether it is the bag packaging, paper packaging or listening packaging of "Heaven cloud" tea, it makes consumers easy to identify, and the overall design is easy to remember and memorable

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