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Four common misunderstandings in the use of color in the layout design of color newspapers (1)

since science and technology first used founder system to publish color newspapers on June 1, 1992, color printing technology has become increasingly popular, and color printing has become one of the symbols of newspaper modernization. Color printed newspapers are more popular with readers because of their bright colors and rich expressiveness. At the same time, a survey of Beijing readers conducted by the Institute of public opinion of Renmin University of China in 1999 found that 61% of readers expressed their willingness to spend more money on newspapers with better printing quality and more pleasing layout style, and whether color printing is an important factor for readers to judge the printing quality

The popularity of color printing on the one hand shows the rapid development of newspaper printing technology, on the other hand, it also reflects the great attraction of color to readers. Among the many constituent elements of the layout, color is the most direct, fastest and most sensitive factor. It often leaves a deep first impression on people before words and graphics

color is divided into two types: non color system and color system. Achromatic refers to black, white and gray series, and colored refers to all colors included in the visible spectrum. Colors with color system have three attributes: hue (color appearance), lightness (color depth, lightness), purity (that is, chroma, bright degree of color). Achromatic system has no hue and purity, only the change of lightness

color printing makes it no longer a traditional black and white word. Compared with traditional newspapers printed in black and white, color newspapers have richer color expressiveness, so that people can see the real face more concretely. For example, color photos must be easy to make; Major events in the world have more truly restored the original appearance of the colorful world. We are studying the new cooling mechanism of automotive batteries, so that color can be better spread. However, domestic newspapers show a freewheeling tendency in the use of color, overemphasizing the richness and stimulation intensity of color, so there are some misunderstandings that affect the communication effect

first, there are too many colors in the page

electronic color printing technology provides us with endless colors, which makes the page of the newspaper bright, vivid and vibrant. However, the increase in the number of colors is not proportional to the expressiveness of. French Le deontoire adopts black-and-white edition with a little spot color (red). The simple tone makes it appear simple and unique in the flood of color newspapers, and the color matching has an impact; China Youth Daily, recognized as a representative of excellent Chinese newspapers, adheres to black-and-white printing, and the page is free of too much decoration, generous, clear and stable. It can be seen that there are not many colors, just effective

newspaper color printing is not simply out of aesthetic needs. In addition to conveying information more vividly, the purpose of color printing is to use the psychological reaction caused by color to convey intention concisely and effectively. For example, color charts make the expression of information clearer because of the diversity of colors. In short, the main purpose of using color is to help readers conveniently and effectively obtain the information they need

some newspapers put as many colors as possible on the page. There are many colors on the same page. A title is a color, and the color of each box and line is different. The simultaneous use of multiple hues makes the layout look like an overturned paint tank, dazzling. This way of using color pays full attention to the richness of color, but only uses color as a decorative factor, and the frequency of use is too high. The excessive use of color objectively separates the relationship between the form and content of the layout, resulting in a complex and chaotic visual effect of the layout, which is not helpful for readers' understanding, but may bring negative effects

newspapers that won the prize in the 19th World's best newspaper design competition usually use color in the headlines, photos, charts, and reading guides, and usually appear in the form of light tones and small color blocks. Keywords or numbers in the headlines will be highlighted with some color, but no newspaper has used full-color headlines. Occasionally, the lines on the layout are colored, which is to distinguish from the general content

generally speaking, a concise and clear layout is more popular with readers. The result of using color too often is the same as the appearance of boxes and lines in unnecessary places, which will only artificially increase the barrier of reading

second, the layout lacks the main tone

tone refers to the basic tendency of color appearance. It is formed by the comprehensive application of lightness, hue and purity of color, in which a certain factor plays a leading role, which can be called a certain hue. From the lightness of color, there are bright tone, dark tone and gray tone; From the purity of color, there are clear tone (pure color plus white or black), turbid tone (pure color plus gray); In terms of color, there are warm colors, cold colors and neutral colors; It can also be divided from hue, such as purple, light purple, deep purple and gray purple, which belong to purple tone

the more representative theory of color harmony points out that color harmony must be dominated by one main tone, either warm or cold. On the premise of this unity, orderly changes should be formed. Do not treat all colors equally, so as to produce aesthetic feeling

the arbitrary use of color in domestic newspapers brings another problem: the page lacks the main tone and focus. There is a newspaper whose front page has cold and warm neutral colors at the same time. The blue, green and red tones are evenly divided into pages. Each of them has his own words. There is no main color tone, so the pages also appear to be of no importance

reading newspapers is not only a process of obtaining information, but also an aesthetic process. In this process, any incongruous detail may cause the reader's unhappiness, and may even hinder the reader's accurate acceptance of. The appearance of the world of innovative scientific and technological equipment made in China has destroyed the order of the layout, and it is easy to cause a sense of color disharmony. The main tone of the layout is the emphasis of the layout. The layout without hierarchy and disorder will make readers at a loss. One of the purposes of using color in the layout is to distinguish the level of the layout through the contrast of hue and increase the vitality of the layout. The function of main tone is to form a coordinated visual effect and strengthen the level of the layout through simple color matching

it is worth noting that advertising is also an integral part of the layout, and the color of advertising should also be coordinated with the main color of the layout

color harmony should follow the principle of simplicity. American scholar bakkhov found that simple combinations with the same hue and purity are often more ideal than complex color matching. After all, layout design is very different from artistic creation. Complex color matching effects will only increase the visual burden of readers

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