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Yingweiteng power helps Zhejiang Jinhua mobile building open the era of data center

recently, Shenzhen yingweiteng Power Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for Zhejiang Jinhua mobile computer room project, which once again proves that yingweiteng RM Series modular UPS power solution provides customers with high-quality equipment, with excellent characteristics such as reliability, availability, intelligence, energy conservation, and fully meets the construction and application needs of data computer room

it is understood that Jinhua Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Mobile Jinhua Branch) is subordinate to China Mobile Communications Group Zhejiang Co., Ltd., which governs seven county (city) branches in Yiwu, Yongkang, Dongyang, Pujiang, Wuyi, Lanxi and Pan'an, and two urban branches in Wucheng and Jindong, and operates China mobile communications network in Jinhua area. The group company was listed overseas (Hong Kong and New York) in the national communication industry in 1997. By the end of 2016, China Mobile Jinhua branch had nearly 2000 employees, with an annual operating income of more than 5billion yuan and a total number of customers of more than 5.8 million. Its scale ranks in the forefront of all cities in the province, and it is the largest telecom operator in Jinhua

this project applies rm300/50x modular UPS power supply, which integrates the advanced technical achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control, and has ten patents, making a breakthrough in the power supply reliability, availability and maintainability of key equipment

rm Series modular UPS power supply combines the technical characteristics of traditional tower models with the modular requirements of modern machine rooms, and ensures the high reliability of the system while realizing modular design

each performance index of this system product has reached the international level, and has a very high cost performance ratio. It is the choice for high reliable power supply demand in various industries. Each power module in the system is designed to be hot pluggable, which is convenient for users to install, maintain, upgrade and expand capacity. Each power module is controlled autonomously without single point of failure risk. A single power module will exit automatically in case of failure, which will not affect the work of other modules and the normal power supply of the system

rm series products adopt humanized operation design scheme, and users can operate and manage UPS system simply and clearly. RM Series modular UPS power supply has excellent adaptability and can provide strong load carrying capacity for various types of linear and nonlinear loads. Each power module and cabinet system can provide load capacity comparable to that of any tower model, thus ensuring the application range of this series of products in all walks of life

product features and advantages: * UPS system modular design, n+x redundancy* Hot plug upgrade and capacity expansion* Super load adaptability and load carrying capacity, super electric adaptability* The movable baffle cannot vibrate the pin on the reversing switch. Green energy-saving power supply: the overall efficiency is greater than 96%, the input power factor is greater than 0.99, and the input current harmonic is less than 3%* The power module is equipped with dual DSP controller, and the module is controlled independently without single point of failure risk* Rectification, inversion, charging and discharging all realize DSP digital control* Full front maintenance* Large screen touch screen human-machine interface, rich in information* Independent charging system, strong charging capacity and perfect battery management scheme* Full digital module parallel technology, excellent circulation index* It can be installed close to other equipment to save room space* Redundant intelligent speed regulating fan, low noise and energy saving* The power distribution system is integrated inside the system cabinet, which is extremely convenient to install and saves user investment* Excellent generator matching performance* High reliability design scheme* This is undoubtedly a huge positive serial differential transmission: maximum anti-interference ability* Adaptive synchronous control technology* Expansion is extremely convenient: hot plug* The load carrying capacity in the industry is the strongest* The system protection function in the industry is the most perfect* The module is controlled independently, and there is no single point of failure. The main reason is that it is solid, easy to use and simple, which will affect the experimental results* High redundancy reliability, long redundancy reliability, mean time between failures* The average repair time is short, (MTTR) repair within 5 minutes

NVIDIA UPS power supply is winning the recognition of more and more customers, which fully proves the purpose of NVIDIA power supply to provide customers with comprehensive and professional solutions quickly. Inverton power will be committed to the high reliability and green and intelligent requirements of the power supply system of the infrastructure of the data center, and provide users with more competitive solutions and high-quality services. NVIDIA power will also, as always, provide high-quality products and solutions to partners -- to become a trusted partner

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