The hottest Yineng brand has won the honor of indu

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Yi Neng brand has won the honor of industry certification

Yi Neng Electric has heard good news today, with bumper harvests in the international and domestic markets, new breakthroughs in corporate culture, and new progress in technology research and development... While Yi Neng people are still immersed in the joy of these harvests, The company's quality management has made a new breakthrough: after several months of the final development stage of Yi Neng inverter by the EU CE international authoritative certification body, it will work with customers to complete the inspection and analysis of programmable control test times. Yi Neng brand finally won the certification experts CE certification with excellent quality performance

it is reported that the average annual growth rate of China's new material industry is expected to exceed 25% during the "1025" period. The construction of copper based new material industry agglomeration development base has been steadily promoted. This time, it has obtained CE certification, and will become one of the few domestic frequency converter manufacturers that have obtained this certificate, which is of great significance for China's frequency conversion products and technology to go global

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