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The four "sins" of the printing enterprise market in the off-season

what we usually call the off-season and peak season is distinguished by the size of business volume and the busy degree of production and operation. In fact, such a distinction is extremely one-sided. First, under the situation that personalized consumption is gradually emerging, the off-season of products is the peak season to concentrate on developing personalized products. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization; Second, marketing involves many links. Windform XT 2.0 can replace finished parts for small batch production in the off-season of business volume, which is the peak season for marketing and other links; Third, the off-season of production is the peak season for the continuous summary and improvement of management and operation mechanism; Fourth, there is no off-season for mentality adjustment. Moderate relaxation helps to maintain combat effectiveness. However, if the mentality is completely relaxed or even slack in the off-season, it will take a long time to adjust and affect business performance when the next peak season comes. Therefore, even in the so-called off-season, the mentality and behavior of enterprise employees, especially the management, cannot be light

it can be seen that it is extremely important for printing enterprises to win in the off-season

salary reduction for all employees

printing enterprises, especially state-owned book and periodical printing enterprises, mechanically understand and apply the principle that input is proportional to output. In the off-season, the approval of expenditure becomes extremely strict, and performance appraisal is misused. In contrast, the assessment has little to do with the idleness and effectiveness of the post. All posts open their stomachs in the peak season and go hungry in the off-season. A lot of work done and results achieved in the off-season of production are not recognized and encouraged, and the treatment of management and technical backbones is not given an appropriate preference, which is bound to dampen the enthusiasm of all departments in the off-season, and even lead to brain drain

large layoffs

this situation is particularly prominent in private printing enterprises, which blindly recruit people in the peak production season, but recklessly cut people in the off-season. Sustainable development enterprises need skilled staff, and the contribution of human resources is far greater than that of capital. The massive layoffs in the off-season will increase the mobility of employees, lead to the instability of product quality and the interruption of management, and even the decline of corporate brand, which may cause intangible losses. The micron friction and wear tester (10N) will save much more money than layoffs

the team is slack

the team feels that after the hard work of the peak season, it should have a relaxed period of time, during which it should reduce its commitment, recuperate and prepare for the peak season. Preparation is often like herding sheep. When the peak season comes, due to the decline in the frequency of visits in the off-season, the relationship between business personnel and customers is unfamiliar, which is easy to give competitors an opportunity to take advantage of, and business personnel who are lazy for a long time may also lose some opportunities to contact and sign orders

off season prosperity

the fundamental goal of enterprise survival and development is not to change the law of off season and peak season of products, but to obtain greater market share and profits. Moderate off-season prosperity mentality and measures will help to improve off-season business volume. However, if we ignore the law and overdraw resources, we will not only sacrifice immediate benefits, but also bring no long-term benefits (such as the increase of market share), and blindly pursue the so-called off-season boom effect just to make a big list, which will be a kind of harm to enterprises and industries

sales in peak season and marketing in off-season. We should look at the off-season from a new perspective

first, we should have a new perspective

the off-season also contains great market opportunities. Some small customers who are usually invisible to business personnel and disdain to receive may also be staggered with the off-season of the enterprise. If the off-season can be undertaken, it can also help the enterprise overcome difficulties. These opportunities will always be reserved for those who are good at thinking and opening up the situation. As long as you look at the off-season from a different perspective, you will inevitably find the key to open the door of off-season peak sales

second, we should have new ideas

conscientiously explore the market in the off-season "Our ipul system is exactly what we need in this period. We should strive to add some new customers. When the peak season comes, even if we don't explore the market, the business volume can be improved.

third, we should have a new mechanism.

we should consider the slack season and peak season as a whole and establish a risk control mechanism. Production in the slack season is mainly processed by the enterprise itself. When the orders in the peak season increase significantly, we can hand over some orders or some processes of the orders to others Enterprises that meet the requirements of product processing should give appropriate profits to the enterprises waiting for work. Otherwise, the OEM enterprises may prefer to start insufficient work rather than help. Even if their own enterprises can't make much money in the outsourcing process, others help them stabilize their customers, which is also very beneficial to the long-term development of their own enterprises

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