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Project management should do a good job in "four confirmations"

as a project manager, (2) the installation foundation is not firm or the anchor screws are loose; "Four confirmations" should be achieved and done well in project management. The four confirmations are:

Review and confirmation of construction drawings

review and confirmation of construction scheme

material sample and material price review and confirmation

project cost (budget and settlement) review and confirmation

construction drawings are not only the construction basis of engineering projects, but also the basis of management; The design quality of construction drawings directly affects the construction quality, project progress and project cost, and also plays an important role in the comprehensive quality of project management. For the review of construction drawings, we can start from the following aspects:

adjust the function of excavation. Generally speaking, the use function of an engineering project has been determined before its construction or in the feasibility study stage and construction scheme drawing design stage of the project. In the early stage of the project, the decision is often made by the leaders, and few professional personnel participate in the opinions. When entering the joint review of the construction drawings, the review of the functions used in the construction drawings is often ignored. This requires the project manager to actively adjust and mine the use functions. In the construction management of Leifeng new tower project, the author has made up for some functional deficiencies in the project design by adjusting and mining the "use function"

attach great importance to professional cohesion and coordination. In the practice of project management, we find that it is easy to ignore the connection of various majors in engineering design. This should be paid attention to in the joint review of drawings. For example, whether the vertical tube wells and passages of electromechanical pipelines have been reserved in the building structure; Whether the positions of mechanical and electrical manholes are reserved by decoration, and whether there will be fights in the space occupied by mechanical and electrical pipelines, etc

maintenance space reservation after the completion of the project is usually the weak link of engineering design. In the construction project management of a large-scale temple construction project, the author found that the net width of the maintenance tube well next to the toilet of the auxiliary room was less than 400mm, and the pipeline maintenance work could not be carried out after the completion of the project. Finally, there is no alternative but to open another access hole on the finished wall tiles

second, the review and confirmation of the construction organization design scheme is an essential and important link. The construction organization design scheme is the "on-site construction method" of the construction unit for the construction project it is responsible for, and it is an important document in the construction process. With the reasonable preparation of the construction organization design scheme of the construction unit and the effective on-site construction management, the successful completion of the whole project will be guaranteed. The review and confirmation of the construction organization design scheme can be carried out from three aspects: review the construction organization structure. The organizational structure includes the management organization network and the qualifications and qualifications of personnel at various posts, as well as the quality assurance system, safe and civilized construction management system, etc. Reviewing the construction organization structure is to review the personnel in the quality management system, that is, to review the qualifications of personnel in various positions, especially the qualifications of engineering and technical personnel. For other project management personnel, their qualifications and qualifications should also be verified

review the project schedule. Common problems in the project schedule, such as lack of labor balance plan; Failure to include the project time requiring Party A's cooperation in the plan shall be corrected in time

review the construction scheme. The construction scheme is an important means to ensure the construction quality of the project; It is also an important method element of project quality management. The important items of waterproof, sound insulation, structure, electromechanical and environmental protection in the construction plan should be strictly reviewed, and the new materials, new processes and new methods should be carefully reviewed

third, the review and confirmation of construction materials must be meticulous. Engineering construction materials are the main body of engineering construction projects and a main content of project costs. Similarly, the quality of building materials is also a very important factor in the quality of engineering construction. The project manager must be careful about this and never take it lightly. The project manager can focus on the following basic elements: the performance price ratio of materials. Using the theory of value engineering management, on the premise of ensuring the use function, safety and appearance effect of materials, low-cost materials should be used as much as possible to reduce the project cost and improve the direct benefits of the project; Environmental protection of building materials. When choosing building materials, we must consider their environmental protection. Materials that violate the national environmental protection regulations shall not be used; Have a basic understanding of the market situation of building materials to ensure that the settlement price of materials is reasonable. Do a good job of detailed market research, especially the market research of material prices. At the same time of confirming the building material samples, cultivate the early market of new materials and confirm the building material prices; Master the supply channel and source information of materials

fourth, review and confirmation of project cost. The review and confirmation of project cost includes project budget and settlement. Pay attention to the gains and losses in the budget review: review whether the application of quota sub items is reasonable; Whether the calculation of quantities is accurate; Whether the unit price of man days is calculated according to the requirements of the contract and the bidding document; Whether the unit price of materials and equipment is calculated according to the unit price or cost information confirmed by both parties; Whether the indirect cost is calculated according to the relevant cost documents; Whether the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of the sample are correct in the whole calculation process and results

the review of settlement should be based on the method of reviewing the budget. The settlement review should also take into account the realization of the project and increase or decrease the settlement price according to the contract; Whether the on-site economic negotiation procedures are complete and whether settlement can be entered? On site acceptance quality completion opinions, whether the specified quality indicators or objectives are completed according to the contract, and the settlement price is increased or decreased for the quality completion; Whether the consumption of materials and equipment supplied by Party A is within the scope specified in the contract, and the settlement price shall be increased or decreased based on the completion of material consumption; Whether there are other payments during the construction process, etc

as a project manager, we must be highly aware that the settlement is the embodiment of the comprehensive economic value of the physical quantity of the project site, project quality, safe and civilized construction, construction period, consumption and other aspects. We should be meticulous, be realistic through current affairs, and be penny wise to safeguard our reasonable and legitimate rights and interests


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