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On the afternoon of March 20, Mingshi doors and windows headquarters held a mobilization meeting to "lead a new journey, gather potential and win the future" to achieve the 2018 sales target in Xiya Hotel, Foshan

on the afternoon of March 20, Mingshi doors and windows headquarters held a mobilization meeting to achieve the 2018 sales target of "lead a new journey, gather potential and win the future" at Xiya hotel in Foshan. The company's chairman zhaoguozhen, general manager wujinfeng, deputy general manager Luo Yiying, director of marketing Department Ren chuanpeng, manager Wang of production department and other leaders, as well as some supervisors, some factory backbones and employees of office customer service department, network department, design department and sales department attended the meeting

The meeting was presided over by Manager Ye of the administration and personnel department, and all leaders and employees sang the National Anthem of the people's Republic of China to kick off the meeting

speech by the company leader:

in his speech, the chairman thanked the old employees for their support to the company and the new employees for joining, and described the blueprint, bright prospects and future of Mingshi doors and windows for the participants, which greatly inspired and inspired the morale of the employees

general manager Wu delivered a speech to thank the old employees for their hard work, welcome new employees to join, and set the company's production tasks and sales goals this year

manager Wang of the production department made a speech. First of all, he thanked the old employees for their hard work in relocating the new factory last year. At the same time, he strengthened the skill training of new employees this year. Manager Wang proposed that the production staff of the whole factory must complete the production tasks on time and with quality in 2018

all employees collectively swear that they are bound to complete the annual goals and sign

sales elites sign military orders

sales elites read out military orders with passion

show the military order

(look! He runs naked for 3 kilometers! The target, he is serious!!)

interactive game link

1. There are difficulties ahead, and the rear support

through the game, the reaction ability and dedication of the team members were investigated, which greatly enhanced the cohesion of the team

2. Limit three seconds

the team members form a circle and are required to complete the count off in three seconds. Push ups that exceed the time penalty multiple of the team leader are required. Through this game, the team members can understand the importance of leadership responsibility and unity. The last group completed the extreme challenge in 1.5 seconds

3. Surpass yourself

president Ren, the marketing director, tells the "story of me and my master". All employees squat in groups, arm in arm, blindfolded, and challenged their personal endurance and team cooperation

Director Ren Jingdian quote: life will not promise you anything, especially success, but please believe that there is always a way to go in life, and there will always be a time to move yourself

mysterious link

all employees sing birthday songs, and general manager Wu gives birthday red envelopes and birthday cakes to employees for their birthdays in March

I believe that under the correct guidance of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, Mingshi windows and doors will make remarkable achievements in 2018, truly promote the leapfrog process of the group and create a new future for Mingshi

the picture shows a group photo of the elite backbone of Mingshi doors and windows





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