Cohen integrated stove with gourmet food d205

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Recently, many new products launched by Cohen appliances have won the favor of many consumers in the "golden nine and silver ten" home decoration season. At the same time, new and old users are full of expectations for Cohen's upcoming new products. What are the characteristics of this new product? How about the appearance design and so on, many consumers can't wait to know. It is reported that this new product of Cohen is named as Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205, which has made an innovative upgrade in appearance and function compared with Cohen's first integrated stove "steamer" D22

Cohen integrated stove "steamer" D22, as Cohen's first integrated stove with a steamer, has a very good sales volume. It is good at steaming and cooking. It has a super large 60L steamer space, creating a new era of healthy kitchen steaming, which is very popular with consumers. Considering the diversification of consumer needs, Cohen appliances has once again developed the Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205; It has intelligent pressurized steam technology. 360 ° high-temperature steam instantly heats food and evenly heats it, so as to ensure excellent cooking quality and make food taste, color and nutrition better. Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205 is equipped with 4 layers of adjustable multi-function steaming tray rack and 60L super space, which can be used for cooking with a variety of ingredients and meet the needs of many people at the same time

Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205 adopts 150 ° perspective window design, fully covers the Teflon oil-free process machine head, easily bid farewell to grease troubles, and is equipped with IP67 waterproof LED lights, with bright, soft light and strong penetration; Its products are integrated with the environment and complement each other. It is the beauty responsibility of an open kitchen. All designs pay great attention to details, and delicacy endows the kitchen with unique noble quality. Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205 is equipped with an inclined 45 ° 304 stainless steel oil smoke separation plate, which can better separate oil smoke, and the oil smoke separation rate is as high as 99.96%; With high firewall, when the temperature of the inhaled flame is as high as 90 ℃, it can automatically cut off power and gas in an instant, escorting safe cooking

as a leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry, Cohen appliances has always built a smart kitchen, created a unique way, opened a unique era of intelligent kitchen appliances, and always launched a series of new products with consumer demand as the core; Cohen electric dares to be the first, constantly making breakthroughs in technology and developing towards intelligent manufacturing, and creating more possibilities for kitchen life with exquisite technology





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