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People who just watch others behave and tie themselves up can't make a living every day, especially if they can't make a living in the era of rapid development of scientific skills, they will fall behind. Nowadays, this principle is particularly applicable to the aluminum alloy door and window profession. The image of aluminum alloy door and window commodities has always been low value-added and low entry threshold. In the era of Internet technology incubation economy, the injection of scientific and technological strength is undoubtedly a "rebound pin" for the aluminum alloy door and window profession

however, in the aluminum alloy door and window profession, "skill innovation" is considered by most consumers as a publicity stunt rather than a real "benefit to the people". In shopping malls, there are countless brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Every business has the label of skill innovation, but few can really do it. As long as a small number of companies have invested in the development and progress of skills, most of them are just in the name of innovation and imitation. This practice makes the homogenization of aluminum alloy doors and windows serious, which makes the occupation of aluminum alloy doors and windows extremely disordered

scientific and technological strength helps the career "incubate" a new era

in China's aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls, commodity innovation is particularly important. We should pay attention to the company's innovation and development, the skill content of commodities, and add the functionality of commodities; Through skill innovation, we can improve the multiple value of commodities and provide value-added services for consumers. We can also expand solid wood and solid wood composite timber species through skill innovation and development to ensure the sustainable development of careers

how to innovate? Many aluminum alloy door and window companies have also given their own answers, such as the standardization of production processes, the promotion of commodity skills, the development of new commodities that meet the needs of shopping malls, and the promotion of high value-added new commodities

diversification and personalization are also ways of innovation

diversification and personalization of aluminum alloy door and window companies are also ways of innovation. With the strong rise of post-80s and post-90s spending groups, the personality needs based on their needs are also beginning to become mainstream. To win the favor of this group, we must grasp the trend of personalized innovation. Nowadays, some aluminum alloy door and window companies have joined the company, and the commodity development form of "focus and precision" has fallen behind people. The transformation and diversification are carried out, and the trend of developing personalized new products is imminent

product diversification is not simply the introduction of new products, but allows consumers to experience each common plan and unusual ideas. For companies, transformation and diversification need to be well prepared. In order to improve commodity planning and development ability, commodity quality can not be ignored. As long as the planned "rough products" are difficult to obtain the recognition and favor of consumers

as long as we take the lead, surprise, constantly invent new systems, new goods, new shopping malls and the central competitiveness that overwhelms our competitors, the company can remain invincible. How will the development trend evolve in the future? No company dares to ensure that it must be a "Survivor". If it wants to remain invincible, it still needs to do its best




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