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On September 25, the long-awaited science popularization tour of Mercer doors and windows and factory group purchase meeting finally arrived. Taking Gaobeidian as the center, from point to area, Baoding was attacked, setting off a storm of factory purchase

on September 25,

the popular science tour of Mercer doors and windows and factory group purchase meeting

that came out after a long wait, finally arrived.

centered on Gaobeidian, from point to area,

attacked Baoding, and

set off a factory purchase storm

what is the situation on site

let Xiao Mo take you back to yesterday's grand occasion,

feel the enthusiasm in this autumn


welcome sign in

▲ everything is ready and waiting for the arrival of guests

this activity starts at 9:00 a.m. on September 25. Guests enter in an orderly manner, and there are special greeters at the door to greet the guests and sign in as souvenirs

▲ VIP sign in at the sign in door as a souvenir


science popularization tour

next is one of today's theme activities, and the science popularization tour of doors and windows officially begins

▲ on site comparison of differences in materials of different woods

▲ guests visited Mercer Chinese windows with German quality and Chinese characteristics

through the detailed introduction of the commentators, the guests had a new understanding of the historical and cultural heritage of doors and windows inherited for thousands of years and had an in-depth understanding of door and window materials and processes

▲ little guests experience the ultra-high performance of bulletproof glass on site

visitors have learned and experienced more than 20 cutting-edge energy-saving and intelligent systems at home and abroad

▲ guests visited Mercer factory

through the visit to Mercer factory, we learned about the 160 major processes of wood window production, and we were surprised and praised the production process and technology. The guests spoke highly of Mercer's advanced equipment and technology and the standardized, tidy and orderly environment in the factory

▲ "encounter" the father of the passive room, so excited

on the day of Mercer's science popularization tour and group purchase meeting, the father of the passive room, fester, visited the door and window Museum and affirmed Mercer's contribution to energy conservation


opening speech

at 10:30, after visiting the door and window Museum and Mercer factory, the guests had a certain understanding of doors and windows and were full of praise for the product quality and excellent performance of Mercer doors and windows; Next, what the guests are most concerned about is the activity policy of this factory purchase fair

▲ Wang Jie, vice president of Mercer, delivered the opening speech

▲ Mercer leaders launched this activity

▲ Mr. Zhang Dongliang, technical director of Mercer, explained the standards and purchasing skills of doors and windows

▲ Mr. Liu zhilai, general manager of Mercer, announced the activity policy on the spot

once the product price of the factory purchase meeting was released, it instantly shocked the whole audience, which was more affordable than finding relatives, friends and relationships. With the joint participation of China and Japan, we provide customers with a full set of Furniture Customization solutions

at noon, Mercer provided you with a delicious lunch, dessert and fruit


factory group purchase meeting

at one o'clock, everyone entered the main venue of Mercer science group purchase meeting one after another, pumping red envelopes and smashing golden eggs, enjoying endless surprises

▲ surprise hidden in the red envelope wall

at 13:30 p.m., the long-awaited factory purchase meeting officially began! Mercer doors and windows, Huari home furnishings, Dongpeng ceramics and a series of value-added home decoration products are optional

at the event site, Mercer's popular products attracted countless attention, and the sales team of dozens of people was too busy to stop

▲ Mercer sales consultants provide customers with patient explanations

▲ hot bill signing site

all intermediate links are omitted, the manufacturer makes profits, shocks the sale at the direct selling bare price, and hits the whole audience

▲ the signing list with the increasing number of orders

is so affordable that on this day alone, many guests signed the bill immediately after learning about the product and participated in the golden egg smashing activity

▲ customers who place orders participate in smashing golden eggs

awards such as spinning bikes, Juicers, household vacuum cleaners and so on are frequently smashed on the scene. The climax continues, and startling voices emerge one after another

wonderful moments

▲ have you seen such windows

▲ wonderful violin performance

▲ interesting magic performance

▲ golden flowers splashed around and won the grand prize

▲ there are flowers, wine and warm and considerate service

show your taste with home decoration,

define home decoration with doors and windows,

in the world of Mercer doors and windows,

home is not only a place for your body and mind to inhabit,

it is the dependence of happiness

this Mercer door and window science tour and super factory purchase fair,

not only allows visitors to re understand the doors and windows,

understand the culture behind the windows,

know the artistic beauty in the doors and windows,

feel the future of science and technology doors and windows,

let the majority of consumers return with loads,

open their own and family's taste life in the windows




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