The decoration design of small houses is simple, a

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The living room is based on white, which is a typical color application of small family. A large number of white visually enlarges the indoor space. These white furniture with full sense of existence, together with appropriate cloth art, will decorate the clean space atmosphere more softly. Just a few pieces of simple furniture can instantly transform the living room into a variety of roles

in the audio-visual area opposite the sofa, a flat-panel TV that does not occupy space is selected to save space to the greatest extent. The design with rollers allows the whole TV unit to rotate freely to adjust different viewing angles. Additional storage space for audio-visual equipment ensures the maximization of indoor cleanliness. The layout of the whole audio-visual area is light, making the living room more comfortable

don't focus on large-scale color conflicts, but pay more attention to the refinement of details. The simple white sofa, because with that touch of fresh color and the embellishment of the bag, the color of the living room instantly brightens up. Simple and pure white is a classic simple style




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