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Micro modular data centers are highly respected, and the total number of them has reached 1100

in recent years, the number of data centers in China has been increasing, the industrial structure has been gradually optimized, and the ecosystem has been gradually established. Among them, modular data center is one of the most popular concepts in the field of data center construction, and the total construction volume in China is also increasing very gratifying

modular data center is highly respected and growing rapidly

the modular construction method can greatly shorten the construction cycle of the data center, save the time cost most valued by Internet companies, and make the construction of the data center simple and fast. Among all kinds of modular data center products, micro modular data center is the leading product

relevant statistical data show that by the end of September 2015, the total number of micro module data centers in China has reached about 1100, with the construction scale of more than 400000 servers, nearly double that of 2014; It is estimated that in 2016, the total market scale will reach 1900 sets, and the server construction scale will exceed 700000 sets

what is a micro module data center

micro modular data center (hereinafter referred to as micro module) is a modular data center product integrating it cabinet, refrigeration, uninterruptible power supply, fire protection, lighting, monitoring, wiring, security and other functional modules. Its constituent units are standardized products that meet the general specifications in the industry

since it is called ldquo; Micromodules rdquo;, Of course, it is different from the ordinary data center we see every day. Naturally, it also has the magic that ordinary data centers can not compare. The magic of micro modules lies in that at the data center construction site, workers can realize the overall delivery of micro modules through simple assembly and connection, which is as simple and convenient as building blocks. It can greatly shorten the construction cycle, reduce the construction difficulty, and ensure the timely, accurate and orderly completion of the project

how does this approach like building blocks work? This is because in practical application, through the standardized definition of the capacity, size, interface and main technical direction of the micro module and its functional units, the micro module has the characteristics of industrial productization and standardization. The functional units of each micro module can be prefabricated in the factory and assembled into micro modules at the data Center site. Multiple micro module clusters form a large-scale data center machine room mdash; mdash; Such multiple computer rooms eventually form a data center park

the birth history of the micro module

the micro module is not only amazing to Sheng (green), but also worth mentioning that it is a complete Chinese initiative from head to toe. So how was it born

this should be traced back to 2009. In that year, Tencent, based on the current situation of the domestic data center industry, combined the mature application of closed channel technology and inter column cooling technology with innovative high-voltage DC power supply technology and battery distribution technology to unify the interfaces between units and between micro modules and various infrastructure of the data center, and put forward the "three-dimensional" strategy; Micro module data centerrdquo; The prototype of micro module data center came into being

the implementation of micro modules has once again led to the discussion of modularization and micro module technology in the industry. Many excellent integration companies and equipment suppliers in the data center industry actively follow up and, based on their own technical advantages, begin to actively participate in the design, production and optimization of micro modules. By 2013, Tencent had completed the exploratory accumulation at the initial stage of the implementation of micro modules and began to prepare for the large-scale implementation of micro module data centers. At the same time, many domestic companies have also begun to try to build a micro module data center. Since 2013, the productivity and some quality gains of the new micro module scheme have been further improved thanks to the significant improvement of the software slicing algorithm, and have been deployed and applied throughout the country

micro module standardization process

with the mass production, transportation, construction and use of micro module data center, the following problem is how to promote the standardization of micro modules. On the one hand, each company needs to develop a standard micro module technology scheme that meets its own use characteristics, so as to achieve a unified technical specification for products provided by different suppliers; On the other hand, users also need to try to make the technical scheme of the micro module conform to the prevailing market rules, so as to minimize the development and supply costs of downstream manufacturers and make the cooperation of downstream manufacturers more comfortable

therefore, since 2013, the gold wire amplifier Data Center Committee (odcc), whose sample size is as small as 0.006mm in diameter, has begun to deepen, refine and summarize the overall technical requirements of micro modules, with the purpose of comprehensively standardizing the definition of micro modules, so as to meet the needs of industry development. With the deepening of standardization work, the impact of odcc's micro module standardization on the industry has gradually emerged:

first of all, the product characteristics of micro modules are becoming more and more obvious. Due to the clear technical specifications, the delivery time of manufacturers is greatly shortened compared with the early stage, and the delivery quality is also improved synchronously. The one-time pass rate in the test and acceptance process is increased, and the problem points are reduced

secondly, the micro module integrator can promote the existing standards to customers in relevant industries. For customers with such construction needs, it not only reduces the cost of redesign, improves the quality of delivered products, but also provides guarantee for future operation and maintenance

with the deepening of odcc's micro module standardization, relevant suppliers in the industry have joined in the formulation. The advantages of the idea of micro module data center construction have begun to manifest, and the micro module construction has entered a period of vigorous development. Alibaba and other domestic Internet companies began to actively invest in the development of micro module technology, and launched micro module data centers that meet their own business characteristics at domestic points. In other fields, such as communication operators, government, enterprises, education and other industries, many users have also adopted the idea of micro module for data center construction. Even in some overseas regions, due to the relatively weak local technology, logistics, supporting facilities and other aspects, there is also a strong demand for data centers with fast and integrated integrated delivery. Micro modules also give full play to their advantages in these regions, and go overseas with Chinese manufacturing

at the 2015 open data center summit held not long ago, odcc released the data center micro modular technology standard to the industry for the first time, laying a foundation for the further maturity and industrial development of the micro modular data center

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