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Miconex2006 press conference: Shanghai starts the construction of optical, instrumentation and electronics industry base

(news from this website) on the morning of September 14, 2006, Shanghai Optical, instrumentation and electronics held a press conference at miconex2006 media center, announcing the start of the construction of optical, instrumentation and electronics industry base in Shanghai

wuyouhua, Secretary General of China instrumentation society, attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference was presided over and released by Mr. huyefeng, Investment Promotion Department of Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone

wuyouhua, Secretary General of China Society of instrumentation

investment attraction of Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone, but in terms of import amount, Hu Yefeng's "giving priority to the development of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry" is the strategic positioning of the new round of development of Shanghai. As the high-end of the advanced manufacturing industry, optoelectronics has a high degree of industrial relevance. Shanghai also has a strong comprehensive resource advantage in this field. Therefore, in the new round of development, Shanghai has decided to actively support the development of optoelectronics, instrumentation and electronics as a key industry

in order to speed up the development of optical, instrument and electrical industry, Shanghai has started to build an optical, instrument and electrical industry base. The base is located in the Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone in Fengxian District, Hangzhou Bay, Southern Shanghai, with a planned area of 2.5 square kilometers in the first phase

Shanghai Optical Instrument and electric industry base has superior location conditions. The base is 59 kilometers away from Pudong International Airport, 29 kilometers away from Hongqiao International Airport, 35 kilometers away from the city center and 35 kilometers away from Yangshan international deepwater port. The surrounding industrial bases related to the optoelectronic industry, such as Minhang electromechanical equipment industry group, Lingang modern equipment manufacturing industry base, Jinqiao automobile base, Caohejing integrated circuit industry group, Zhangjiang High Tech Park, etc., are gradually formed. The driving distance is within 1 hour, which will be conducive to the industrial support, extension and agglomeration of the optoelectronic industry base, and the rapid formation of industrial scale

Shanghai optoelectronics industry base has strong scientific and technological support. Shanghai is home to a large number of scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, with rich human resources. At the same time, there are Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Institute of electrical engineering, Shanghai business school, Shanghai Vocational and Technical College of electronic information and other colleges and Universities around the industrial base, as well as East China University of technology and Shanghai Institute of applied technology, which are about to start construction, It provides a strong industry university research platform and human resources for the development of the optical instrument and electric industry base

Shanghai Optical Instrument and electric industry base has complete infrastructure. After more than 10 years of development and construction, zone a of Shanghai Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone has realized the "seven supplies and one leveling" infrastructure supporting a high starting point and high standard. At present, the development zone has a daily sewage treatment capacity of 100000 tons, a daily water supply capacity of 300000 tons, a daily gas supply capacity of 300000 cubic meters, and a daily power supply capacity of 120000 kW, which fully meets the requirements of attracting large-scale enterprises to settle down

there are superior living facilities around Shanghai Optical Instrument and electric industry base. Relying on the resource advantages of Nanqiao Town, the capital of Fengxian, it will provide mature and perfect living facilities and screw sleeve services for investors who come to the base to start businesses. The district has first-class leisure, entertainment, conference and vacation places such as Yuehua, Sentosa and Palm Beach hotels, as well as living and commercial facilities and living conditions that cover the whole district and are convenient for residents, as well as a multi-level medical security service system and a systematic education system

Shanghai optoelectronics industry base has a thoughtful investment service system. The district investment management service center is centrally operated by more than 20 functional departments such as industry and commerce, taxation, land, planning and environmental protection, and provides one-stop consulting, certificate handling, approval and other services for enterprises to settle down. The customs and entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau are specially set up in Fengxian District, which can provide fast and convenient customs clearance procedures for goods import and export for enterprises nearby. Banks, freight companies and talent centers can provide enterprises with various services such as finance, freight forwarding and talent agency

Shanghai optoelectronics industrial base has preferential industrial policies. In order to encourage more optical, instrument and electric enterprises to settle in the base, we will implement various support policies, such as land supply priority, financial support, technical transformation discount, listing subsidy, financing guarantee and service priority, to further promote the rapid formation of the optical, instrument and electric industry base and promote the rapid and healthy development of settled enterprises, for those enterprises that meet the requirements of the optical, instrument and electric industry catalogue if they escape into the air due to volatilization during the synthesis process

at present, the construction of the first phase of 2.5 square kilometers of the base has been fully started, and the standard of the first phase of 100000 square meters is 14 The electrical part of the experimental machine shall be well insulated, and the construction of the workshop has been started. A number of projects, such as Japan Miyaki optics and Shanghai Optical Instrument No. 5 factory, have successively entered the base

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