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The market potential of plastic wood pallets is huge.

on August 15, Beijing future vision Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. held a press conference in the Great Hall of the people and introduced a new type of environmental protection plastic wood material developed through polymer modification technology, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more promising. This kind of material can be used in pallets, packing cases, backing plates and other packaging products, especially in the production of scattered uneven products, and can be used in the construction and decoration industries. The environmental friendly plastic wood pallet launched by the company for the first time has great market potential

this kind of plastic wood material is made by using waste straw and waste plastic in a certain proportion, adding specific functional additives, adopting special processing conditions, and filling and modifying by processing equipment with special structure. It belongs to the secondary recycling of solid waste. This material has the advantages of water resistance, moisture resistance, no moth, no fungus, acid and alkali resistance, no poison, no pollution, convenient processing and complete recyclability. It can be used as a substitute material for wood in the fields of architectural decoration, packaging and so on. This material uses waste plastics as raw materials, which opens up a new way for the comprehensive utilization of solid waste and can alleviate the "white pollution" in China. At the same time, using agricultural waste straw as raw material reduces the atmospheric pollution caused by straw incineration, and opens up a new way for the comprehensive utilization of straw. It is estimated that at present, about 600 million tons of straw need to be treated every year in China, and most of them are burned, which causes great pollution to the local environment and huge economic losses. Many places have banned the burning of straw, so the comprehensive utilization of straw has good environmental benefits

the company first applied new environmental friendly plastic wood materials to the production of pallets, which can replace the wooden pallets widely used at present, thus reducing China's demand for wood and protecting forest resources. At the same time, plastic wood products have no "three wastes" in the production process, and the products have no secondary pollution in the use process, and can be completely recycled

it can be asserted that the production and use of new environmentally friendly plastic wood materials will play a positive role in promoting China's environmental protection and sustainable development strategy

relevant leaders of ministries and commissions such as the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Comprehensive Utilization Department of the economic and Trade Commission, the State Administration of quality and technology supervision, inspection and quarantine, Che Xiangfu, Deputy Secretary General of the China contracting Association, and Han Baoyao, director of the national contracting reform office, attended the press conference

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