The market price of the hottest float glass rose s

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The market price of float glass rose slightly, and the trend of soda ash market was weak

yesterday, the domestic float glass market price was stable and slightly increased, and the overall transaction was general

the price of float glass in North China is stable, and the heat released when it burns is also very small. It is expected that the thickness price of some parts in the United States will rise slightly, and the market price will rise with it. Recently, the speed of goods delivery in Shahe market has slowed down. Traders are cautious in taking goods, and the goods delivery is flat. The market is mainly wait-and-see, so it is difficult to implement the increase

the market price of float glass in East China is stable and rising, and the overall transaction is general. Boosted by the industry conference at the weekend, the market quotation increased by yuan/weight box. Today, the price quotation of individual factories increased by 1 yuan/weight box, and the actual transaction is to be further implemented

if we can continue to make breakthroughs in technology

the central China glass market will maintain a stable price and wait-and-see, and the overall shipment will be stable. Since the Wuhan industry conference last week, Henan Zoomlion has risen for two consecutive times, with a cumulative increase of 3 yuan/weight box. Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi markets have temporarily maintained stable prices. Recently, the overall production and sales of the market can reach a balance, and individual enterprises have increased inventories due to increased production capacity

the glass market in South China is stable and small. Guangdong Mingxuan and Guangxi Nanning have increased by 1 yuan/weight box. Most other factories have stabilized their prices. We try to be very close to the goods' how to make parts in actual production '. The shipment situation has improved, and most factories 9. The inventory of state mediation method is low

the southwest market has stable trading and the manufacturer's shipment is general

the price of Lingyuan Zhongbo in Northeast China rose by 1 yuan/weight box, and other manufacturers have not adjusted yet. They have actively shipped recently, and the overall transaction is OK

Shanxi Lihu in Northwest market rose 0.5 yuan/weight box today, other manufacturers stabilized, the overall demand performance was average, and some factories still had pressure on shipments

narrow consolidation of soda ash market

yesterday, the domestic soda ash market was weak, and manufacturers' shipments were general. Recently, the shipments of some manufacturers in Hubei and Jiangsu have improved, but the shipments of manufacturers in other regions have not improved significantly. The overall inventory of soda ash manufacturers is still high, and most manufacturers are flexible to receive orders and ship goods. The soda ash market in East China has been sorted out in a narrow range. The mainstream factory price of local light soda ash is yuan/ton, and the mainstream delivery price of heavy soda ash to the terminal is yuan/ton. The soda ash market in Jiangsu is weak, and manufacturers' shipments are general. The mainstream ex factory price of light alkali is about yuan/ton, and the mainstream delivery price of heavy alkali is about yuan/ton. In fact, the end of month pricing is often implemented

glass: Recently, boosted by the industry conference, at this stage, prices in many regions have increased. Although downstream traders have a certain stock up, the actual market demand has not improved significantly, and the supply of goods continues to have insufficient power to digest. In the short term, although some enterprises have small growth plans, there is limited room for upward adjustment, and most factories mainly ship at stable prices

soda ash: Recently, the operating load of domestic soda ash manufacturers has remained high. The price of soda ash fell to a low level, some downstream users and traders took goods moderately, and the overall inventory of soda ash manufacturers fell. Most operators are cautious to wait and see the market, and it may be difficult for the domestic soda ash market to change significantly in the short term

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