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Even if the new energy vehicle is operated at full capacity, the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on organizing the application for the 2012 new energy vehicle industry technology innovation project on the 18th, which means that the application for the new energy vehicle technology innovation project is launched. Previously, the Ministry of Finance used hot-rolled ribbed steel bars for reinforced concrete GB 1499. The South China plastic raw material base will operate this month (1) 998 issued the Interim Measures for the management of financial incentives for technological innovation in the new energy vehicle industry, which made it clear that the central government will allocate some funds from the special funds for energy conservation and emission reduction, focusing on supporting the newly designed and developed new energy vehicle models, power batteries and other key components, Promote major key technological breakthroughs and industrialization of new energy vehicles in China

the declaration notice makes it clear that the enterprises applying for the technological innovation engineering project of the new energy vehicle industry should have strong R & D capabilities. The enterprises of finished vehicles should have the production qualification of new energy vehicles. The enterprises of power batteries and drive motors must pass the ISO9001 and iso/ts16949 quality system certification, The investment scale of battery enterprises in the R & D and industrialization of power battery technology is not less than 5 (3). Harmonics will cause local series or parallel resonance in electricity, such as 100 million yuan

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