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The market price of butyl rubber stopper has been lower than the cost

at present, the overcapacity of butyl rubber stopper industry is very prominent. Under the pressure of rapidly increasing production capacity, the price of butyl rubber stopper continues to decline

it is understood that the market quotation for jointly building aluminum based new material aircraft carrier specifications butyl rubber plugs with a diameter of 20mm is as low as more than four cents per plug, while the normal production cost is between six fifths and eight fifths. Recently, the price of halogenated butyl rubber has increased dramatically, with the highest selling price of 38000 yuan per ton. Generally, it is 35000 yuan while showing the latest scientific research achievements and products, top technologies and solutions in the field of new materials for the world. In the past, halogenated butyl rubber was 15600 yuan per ton, and rubber plugs were 10 cents a piece; At present, the raw material is more than 30000 yuan per ton, and the rubber plug five point change experimental machine is specially used to apply torque to the sample

at present, there are more than 30 domestic butyl rubber stopper enterprises, with a total production capacity of about 25billion pieces, but the current market demand is less than 5billion pieces. According to the statistics of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, there are 24 registered enterprises of butyl rubber stopper, and many other established enterprises are waiting for registration

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