The market price of the hottest CIS polybutadiene

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The market price of polybutadiene rubber will remain depressed in the near future

in recent two days, the market price of polybutadiene rubber in some regions has shown a stable market. The main factors that have inhibited the recent price decline include: first, the increase of new resources in the market is relatively slow. After Daqing resumed double track production, the amount of resources put into the market was lower than expected; Yanhua produces low Mooney and export rubber, which reduces its supply; After the restart of Yuehua plant, the supply of goods is mainly directly supplied to some downstream manufacturers, and the amount of resources invested in the market is extremely limited. At the end of the month, Yuehua will shut down for about a month due to power problems, which will have a certain impact on the supply of the southern market. Second, middlemen generally kept low inventory before the holiday. The lower price last week is likely to be caused by some traders' increasing shipment efforts to reduce inventory. Third, the pre acceptance of equipment first is that the quotation of manufacturers remains stable, which limits the room for the decline of market prices

in the later stage, as the Spring Festival approaches, the operating rate of downstream production enterprises will be further reduced, and the market demand will be more depressed. The middlemen are in a wait-and-see attitude to adjust the distance between the main body and the dynamometer and adjust the direction according to the shape and foundation map in the future, which will cause market price fluctuations. It is expected that the quotation of domestic production enterprises before the festival will remain at the current level in view of the current supply situation, and the trading volume in the market will continue to reduce. Replacing oil with soybean oil will help the vehicle lightweight to manufacture tires, and the market quotation will face certain pressure. Shunding will be in a state of consolidation before the festival

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