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Food for thought: Pomegranates - The fruit that means autumn in every way - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

If I lived in Vermontcan resume with capacity limits., I’d know autumn had arrived with just a glance at the burnished golds and russets on the leaves of the maple, poplar, birchremain at a maximum of 25 people., elm and hickory treesstates_and_union_territories_of_india.

If I lived in a made-over garret flat in a side street near the Arc de Triomphe, the falling leaves on the Champs Elysées would make me think of autumn — and Jacques Prévert and Yves Montandposing as someone delivering food.

But I live in Palma where I am always in dire need of harbingers of autumn because at the end of September and well into October the temperatures are too much like summer for my personal comforts most deadly outbreak.

As I left the lovely air-conditioned ambience of El Corte Inglés on Saturday at 1pm, an oven-like heat hit slammed into my face and the sun was blazing down all along the Jaime III: this was summerThe tightest public health measures i, not autumn.

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